This pyramid diagram is actually the illustrates of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. We believe everyone is familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. It is a motivational theory in psychology proposed by Abraham Maslow in 1943 comprising a five-tier model of human being needs.

General believes that every individual must satisfy the lower tier of needs before can attend to high tier of needs. From bottom tier to top tier, the needs are categorized as:

  • Physiological needs – shelter, food, water, rest, etc
  • Safety needs – personal security, financial security, health, etc
  • Belongingness and love needs – family, friendship, intimacy
  • Esteem needs – also known as ego needs or status needs
  • Self actualization – value-based system, pursuing, seeking, etc

We must satisfy the needs at bottom level so that we are secure and confidence enough to move up tier. For example, we need to settle down our shelter and food before we able to focus on safety needs like purchasing an insurance and etc. Or after we stabilize the physical basic needs then we only can move up to psychological needs like relationships.

In Diary Series, we using this system not to story what Maslow’s Hierarchy are, and we do believe everyone knows. But we here to assist our users to know what and where they really standing currently. At this stage, we will proceed to our lovely hand write session. Please sketch the diagram as below.

Then fill in the categories as suggested below. If you do owned what you need now, please also fill in together. Example of Knight’s Hierarchy as shown following:

Once you filled up all the categories, we will start analyze tier by tier. As we can see, the bottom 2 tier undeniably is money related. This 2 tier is also expanding exponentially year by year, because the needs we looking for will be increase gradually as we grow older. This is the reason why we always feel that money is always not enough.

Then we come to 3rd and 4th tier, which is more into heart and feelings. We require a lot of emotion attention at this particular tier because basic needs are no longer fulfill our inner heart. So we look for soul mate, best friends, chasing for higher status in work place and etc. These tier will also grow gradually as we grow older, make the whole pyramid to expand eventually. We do need a lot of money to sustain some relationship isn’t it? Buy bills, gifts, gathering and etc.

The top tier is mainly about vision and goal achievement. This no longer be seem as needs, instead it can be account as grow. Many could not achieve it because they do not know what they want as their goal or facing tons of obstacle. Thus, wandering around bottom 4 level and feeling satisfy with their life and sometimes demotivated as years come. But, whenever there is a life changing course of event for example escaped from death, then they will realized that the needs are so tiny compare to living as real for once.

Please analyze your own hierarchy from bottom to top level, fill the categories with your true willingness. If you owned them, improve them. If you do not own them, work on them. Stabilize the foundation because once the foundation collapsed, your hierarchy will tumble.

We suggest that top tier shall be a vision or goal that is one finds fullest realization in giving oneself something beyond oneself. In other words, contribution to society!

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