The diagram illustrating undoubtedly is a bell. Why is it placed as the first system? Why is it a bell? We will explain slowly and deliver you a useful information.

First, “The Bell” is also we call teachability index. Then, what is “teachability index”? Yes, as you able to understand from the phrase, index that show how teachable we can be. The reason why it is first system in our “Diary Series”, because the “Diary Series” is going to deliver and teach some useful system to enhance our life.

The higher our teachability index are, the better the person we will be. God give us 2 ear and 1 mouth, is to listen more and talk less, also directing us learn more while listening. If we are the person that refuse to listen, only care and talk about our opinions, we will not grow. Of course this do not means that our opinions are wrong, but what is the harm we absorb more?

Why is it a shape of a bell? Let’s imagine this bell as a 3 dimensional true object. The bell rang when we shake it. Why is the hanging ball in the middle? It is because the more the surface the ball hit on the bell, the more sounds it make. Ever seen a bell that the knocking ball hang on the side? Same goes to this teachability index. The higher the index (which is at the middle of peak), the higher we are teachable.

Teachability index not only describe the willingness to learn, it is also lead to willingness to change. The test can be taken everywhere on the internet, simple formula will be:

 Teachability Index = Willingness to Learn x Willingness to Change

But this merely just an arbitrary because we rating ourselves, how accurate can it be?

So now, let’s do some exercise by sketching on “The Bell” diagram. Write down “arrogant” and “naive” on end of the both side of the bell. The write “How much I learn” in the middle following by “Best position to learn” at top. Draw a straight line in the middle down to bottom, and label with “I want to learn anything” x3 times below. Example shown at below:

The key to understand our willingness to learn and adapt it to willingness to change in this diary series is, willing to learn the system suggested by our “Diary Series” and make the changes according to the system. At the end of the day, we will know the “REAL” teachability index of yourself.

Go thru the page every time open up our diary, to remind ourselves to increase the teachability scale inside us.

Remember that, the higher the teachability index of us, the better the person we will be!

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