Yes, this is the well known Yin Yang! In Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang is the dark and light metaphor, also describing the positive and negative. A contrary or opposite and interconnected relation in any of the nature way.

This seemingly quite the same with Newton’s Third Law of Motion. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. We hoping to use this system in Diary Series is to help all users out there to look at the world in equal and opposite site of any occasions. 

Let’s imagine if we feel uncertainty of the task performed within this short period, we write it down in the dark section of the diagram. Then figure out what is the possible positive outcome at the bright section. This is to perceive us that in any course of action in negative ways, there is always positive at the opposite site. Then you might think what if I’m only thinking about positive? Should I imagine the negative as well?

We prefer positive more than negative isn’t it, so why bother to create the negative within yourself. The bright area in dark section is to remind us no matter how dark it is, there is some part of the opposition buried in it. We also can call it as grey area.

The true intention of Yin Yang is to create a balance. No matter for work-life balance, inner self balance, relationship balance and etc. We can always apply this system to adjust ourselves. Always keep the positive rather than negative, unless you wish to have sad life.

Practice this with simple exercise as the problem you are facing now. Write it down in the dark section, if you can figure the “grey area” or little surprise in the problem, fill in the small white section. Then think of the possible solution or positive outcome at the bright section. Taking example below as reference:

Clearly showing that we should step out from stubborn of focusing on the problems or negativity. We should think in both ways and discover the endless possibilities we may encounter in this wonderful world!

You can know more about Yin Yang on the source of internet or purchase Yin Yang related books. One of the book is I-Ching or Book of Changes.

Discover your own “Yin Yang” world inside yourself, create the ideal balance system to regulate your life!

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