This Four Squares system is a self awareness system. It helps you determine your strength and your weakness. Then enhance your strength once you identified it, improve your weakness when you are determined.

Many individual of this world yet to know their strength. They thought they would discover it in workplace however what they found is even more miserable. Inner strength is something that you do not acquire only in workplace, it is also build in within yourself. You just have to discover it.

Weakness is something everyone fear off and tend to ignore. You can’t eliminate your weakness, just like strength, weakness is also build in within yourself. However what we can do is improve and learn from weakness, turning it to be you strength in one day.

The Four Square is a simple system to discover yourself. You discover your strength and weakness, then enhance and improve when performing any normal task at normal day. First, we will explain the content of the system, strength and weakness, which we believe everyone of you do know what it means.

Goal is something you want to achieve in future, putting a timeline in this system, let’s say 3 years. Life is normal daily activities as you do everyday. Then we will have all these elements to place into the four squares. Fill in the diagram like example as below.

Diagram above still showing plenty of space waiting to be fill. What you going to fill in is your strength. Top left square you will have to fill the strengths that you think you assist you in your goal. Bottom left square you will have to fill in strength that you think works well in normal daily life. Top right fill in your weakness which will constraint you to your goal. Bottom left fill in weakness in your daily life. Examples shown below.

Taking the example above, we go into some explanations. As we filled in hardworking and motivated in top left square, we perfect it and make our goal closer. Bottom left filled in social and hardworking, this is very good for daily life, we sustain it, even if possible enhance the social skill to become your strength.

Top right has filled in less discipline and sentimental, then we should improve these characteristic to avoid them become obstacle towards our goal. Bottom right we filled in less discipline and talkative, we can just accept it and buried it deep down by working on the opposite site.

This four square clearly shown your strength and weakness for your goal and daily life. The characteristic can be handwritten repeatedly in any of the square. So now we do clear on our strength and weakness, either as a goal achievement or daily life routine, we can enhance and improve them. Even shift the characteristic from bad to good position after some period of self enhancement.

Please fill in the diagram in hand written form. Hand written practice our neural activities and allow us to understand and absorb more easily.

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