From younger age, we have already been taught and emphasize very much on self-discipline, when to wake up, what to eat, which and what to do and not to do, self-discipline even make the world peace in order. Simply meaning that without self discipline, nothing can be achieved and done, even the world will out of order and in total chaos.

So, what is self-discipline? Self-discipline is just self control over a long period of time or even life time. The rules, the regulation, the order and the control has been a normal habit of everyone of us that we don’t even realize. For example, a normal person will not snatch the wallet of others because of law and moral, however thief will just do that as normal act, this is self-discipline problem.

Other than to follow the rules and the law, self-discipline also contribute to make up or life style. Either to build up a healthy and good habit or bad one. This will greatly influence our achievement of success of failure. Here we got 4 powerful methods to master self-discipline.

1. Know What We Want

Before we master self-discipline, we must have to know what we really want, what outcome we expecting and how important is the achievement for us. For example, if we want to reduce our weight, our aim will be to have a healthy body and nice appearance, the expected outcome definitely will be reduced weight.

If we do not know what we want, do not know the expected outcome, how are we going to force ourselves to develop self control to achieve the goals? Set the goals and know how important it is, if it just a playful thought, no result will obtain. To have a expected outcome is to track our progress, as we able to see the progress, it is also act as a self reward to improve our mood.

2. Schedule Plans

Time management is important when we come to self-discipline. Schedule the plans which are executable and will lead to expected outcome. First, schedule a time table to force ourselves to take the action. For example, to reduce weight, we have to schedule for time for exercise.

As we set a new target or goal, it definitely will affect our normal routine. Simply saying that we have changed the condition on ourselves, to change the condition we must change our existing habit. Nothing will change if we do not change anything and live as normal as we did.

3. Adapt New Habits

As we discussed above, new target or goal will lead to new environment or condition. Thus new habit will born and we must adapt it for good. Taking back the example of reduce weight and exercise, we have to either wake up earlier or schedule a period of time in any session of the day, this is a new habit which we never experience before.

We must adapt these new habits, plant deep into our mind and let it become a subconscious or even autopilot. Many individual has failed at this stage because they not able to adapt new habits to embrace change. Change is difficult because our mind has been so comfort at existing environment. This is normal because our brain always trying to protect us from taking risk which may harm the body.

4. Passion

Lastly, the most important element, Passion. We have discussed we must know what we really want, then we have to schedule plans and time management then to adapt new habits, these all will come back to Passion. How passion are we on the achievement until we need to master self-discipline on it?

It is the passion that drive our daily activities, either from waking up early in the morning and go to work or working on some task until late night. If we denied it while thinking “nah, I’m waking up early to work is because of paycheck, but I do not have passion on my work”, then the “paycheck” is our passion. If we really know what we want and what is the expected outcome, meaning that the passion is there, then self discipline must intercept at here.

Self-discipline is important for us if we are eager to achieve targets. Without self-discipline, we are most likely to lay on the bed or couch, playing with the mobile devices. Not only on achievements, it is also a habit and tool to keep the planet in order, even the mother planet earth itself also has self discipline and it never complain exhaust even after billion years. Live life to fullest!

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