We want to be the person that able make impact, able to change the people or environment around us. Then we should start with inspiration! Without inspiration, nothing in this world will exist, no advance technology, no good relationship, no passion and vision.

People always confused that inspiration shall only exist in leadership, in senior and junior relationship and this are very wrong. Inspiration can be around friends and families, with strangers and even with animals. Inspiration is one of the strong positive emotion. Here we have effective ways to inspire others.

Start With Ourselves

We cannot be inspire by the people who has more negative feelings or in worst condition than us isn’t it? We must be in a state of fully inspired feeling then only we able to inspire the people around us. The positive aura around us can easily be detected by people around us. 

Ever experience that early in the morning, one of the colleague say that “you look happy today” even not walking in the office with big laugh on the face. People that are feel inspired will emit confidence vibration and even changes some of their body languages.

Show Our Positive Feelings

Stranger that sit beside us inside a transit and laughing at themselves influence our emotion too, even make us to laugh along. Always show our positive feelings on our face can greatly increase the inspiration level and affect the mood of the people around us.

No individual like to be around with the person with long face, especially in the world of career. We dedicated most of our time in a company and yet still need to see the long sad face, how inspire can we be? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, show our positive feelings on our face.

Deep Conversation and Good Listener

Everyone have different lifestyle, different background and different encounter. Thus all of us have our own special story, we cannot expect everyone to have the same thinking as we do. As an inspiration person, we have the duty to listen and understand others people story first, the inspire in a more suitable and comfortable way.

Build up trust with the people around us, when deep trust feeling is formed, people around us will able to accept what we say and deliver easier. Love and care more to the people around us will help to enhance trust level.

Tell Stories

Inspire people with real and powerful stories, leaving good impression and plant a deep inspire feeling to impact their mind. People will feel boring when listen to bunch of philosophy theory, convert it by delivering the messages from stories or examples of great people. This will engage their imagination and positive emotion to heal, feel good and focus better.


We are human being, we made mistakes and will feel depress some period. We will have to practice to control our emotions and our thinking to keep in a state of positive, to inspire more people around us. We also cannot expect that we able to inspire people beside us once finish reading this article, it all takes time and practice.

We love to spread the positive feeling, from one individual and spread to another individual. Inspired co-worker go back home happy and treat their family better. And the process go on and go on, butterfly effect and create a happy society. This is the purpose we want to inspire!

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