Reading is a good habit and we all well know about it. Author spends the time to compile and summarize their life time experiences and researchers in hundred pages book, we are very lucky to able to obtain, study and absorb easily. From it, we can gain enormous amount of knowledge and wisdom.

A normal reader able to read 200-250 words per minute, faster reader can go up to 700 words per minute or even more with speed reading. However what’s important is read fast and comprehensively, understanding the content of the books. Here we have few tips to read fast, finish any books in less than 2 weeks comprehensively.

1. Plan Reading Schedule

Reading is a time consuming activity, we require to plan a proper schedule and discipline in order to finish reading a book. Many individuals not able to finish a book and left it at book shelf then forgot about it, such a waste. Books are consider as a very expansive items and we shall not waste it even not to waste the effort of author. 

Plan the reading schedule in a way such that an hour during morning session or night session, to finish certain number of pages or section. Thru out this 2 weeks, we shall only focus on finishing particular one book, after finishing it then only we should look for new books.

2. Don’t Sub-vocalize When Reading

Sub-vocalizing meaning that we read and tend to “speak” the words in our head. This will slow down our reading speed and even distract us from the inherent meaning of the text. This habit of “speaking words” in our mind is embedded in our unconscious mind thus we require to do more practice on it.

Our eyes and mind able to process words faster than we can think, practice to go thru the text by minimizing eye movement, not necessary to repeat it in our mind, able to help to stop sub-vocalizing in our head.

3. Read Phrases, Skip Small Words

As we mentioned earlier, our eyes and mind can process words very much faster than we can think, meaning that we can read a phrase of words at a same time while our brain still able to process them. By the way, reading the words one by one is very boring and tend to put us in sleepy state.

We also can skip the small words such as “I”, “the”, “is”, “if”, “to”, and etc because these small words are already planted deep in our subconscious mind, going thru it without reading it and our brain already processed them. Many unnecessary words appear to fill up the pages.

4. Be Mindful and Concentrate

Reading is a serious activity, we do not spend the time just for fun, we want to understand, absorb and convert all the content into meaningful ideas. Therefore, to able to finish a book in less than 2 weeks, after plan a schedule of it, we need to have a silent environment, peaceful mind and concentration.

How to really concentrate in reading? If we are really enjoy the reading and concentrate on it, sounds and events around us will not able to distract us, this is when we are really concentrate in reading. For the type that will get distracted easily, we suggest to find a peace and silent place, then focus the energy on reading.

5. Read More

Last but not least, most practical tips, is to read more! As we read more, we get used to the structure of the phrases and words, small words will no longer bother our reading and able to process them fast and easy. Reading is a skill, practice and repetition always make it better.

We must enjoy what we do and the passion of doing it. We believe that many out there think that reading is a very boring activity, but when we come to think that the result and knowledge after finishing a book is so satisfying, it will create the joy and feeling to continue to do more. Read and grow together! Live life to fullest!

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