Thanks and appreciate for this whole period of time..

Dear Me,

I would like to say thank you, I am so grateful and appreciate all the hard work, accompany, compassion and motivation from you. I know it is tough to be along with this messy me, but because of you, I have came to this far, along with all the great experiences.

You are so good at dealing with problems, which I am so surprised of your capability and very grateful for all these. Especially when come to my career, problems arise non stop along the period of service, every time I am so fed up and confuse of the problems, you just appear and solve them easily even with added innovative value.

Remember the time I am so upset about my relationship? You are there to consult me, let me know that love is all around the corner of the planet. No one can find love for me if I do not jump out from the trapped abyss. You know so much about love, even taught me I should start by loving myself first.

You look at the world in a very simple and pure perspective. Unlike me, I just hardly to control myself to think at a more negative perspective on everything around me. You see the world so beautiful and naive, and I know you wish to contribute to the world in a positive ways somewhere in the future.

You do have big dreams, so big that I sometimes will laugh at you, even insult you that it is impossible. Come to think of that, actually it is me that envy you, that you have a cool dreams. So, please go and chase your dreams! No matter what it takes, I will support you always.

I have to admit that I have lost you, I do not take well care of you, about your health and mental. I should have take care of you all the time, to ought to be the person that you deserve. Yes, you deserve a lot, you deserve a healthy body, a genius mind.

I have messed with your routine by caring so much of other people rather than caring more towards you. Actually, you do not need approval from anyone else’s to love, to do and to be a whole.

You Are So Beautiful

You Are Significant

You Are Abundance

You Are Genius

You Are Worthy

You Are Strong

You Are Healthy

Life is tough and not fair, but together WE can conquer the future, together WE will be a deliberate creator of our own reality, together WE are the best and awesome! I will trust you all the time and please do not let go of me. I will respect you, honor you and cherish you as always. Love you Love Me.


We share and encourage all of you, take some time and give yourself a letter, it might can heal you, it might can calm you, you will just be surprised later.

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