An inspiring movies strike us in our heart and feelings, pump our energy spirit and feeding our mind with such a great fulfilling sense. Although the stories might just make up, however our thoughts are very agree and enjoy to see the success of the movie’s characters.

Watch a thrilling inspiration movie able to spice up our motivation or even able to generate great ideas for achievement. Check our top 5 must watch inspirational movies now.

Forrest Gump (1994)

“Life is like a box of chocolate”, a popular quote from the film Forrest Gump, act by Tom Hanks, is a meaningful and touching inspiration movie of all time. Disability since younger age on physical and margin intelligence, Gump is always bullied by his classmates or even the fate.

Positive and optimism around him brought him up and become a very good attitude well being. The success of Forrest at latter age is just simply “action first”. He will just follow orders that feels right thus all the fortune seems to be along his side.

The Founder

A real story movie of Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonalds featured by Michael Keaton. Real inspiration story about an unsuccessful salesman selling the milkshake mixer around the America. At one occasion, he just follow his feelings and drive all the way from Arlington Heights to California.

He sees McDonalds as a great opportunity and thus has agreement with McDonalds brother to start expand the hamburger business. All the obstruction and problem does not interfere the success of Ray Kroc, with just one simple attitude, belief of core principles.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Comedy based inspiration movie featured by Ben Stiller, worked as a normal employee in a life magazine, dealing with photos for the publication. Normal guy that also has great dreams and dream girl, however he always feel unworthy to a further approach.

Up to one incident of missing an important photo from a famous photographer, Mitty started his thrilling journey which is not a normal person will act upon. Gaining all special travel experiences and even won the heart of his dream girl, worth a watch movie.

3 Idiots

Bollywood famous inspiration movie about 3 university student with different background. One is from a wealthy family, one is from an average family and another is from a poor family. Well described the conditions of people around us nowadays. Story started at the university with the genius wealthy boy.

Genius and rich yet humble all the way, even contribute very much to his other 2 poor condition friends, won the heart and respect from them. The plot expanded until the rival also started to admire him at the end of the movie. A movie that convince we shall not give up no matter what.

Catch Me If You Can

Biographical crime film by Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. Story develop where Leonardo DiCaprio is a teacher and started his crime of fraud on payroll checks, stealing over millions dollar. Tom Hanks is investigate officer to catch Leonardo DiCaprio.

Then, Leonardo DiCaprio start his escape journey together with different cons and identity hack. He has identity such as airline pilot, teaching assistant, physician and attorney. A real life story composes into movie, giving us idea that we can be whatever we want, if we believe. Of course not in the crime way.

Movies known to release stress and can be the enjoy moment either alone or with friends and family. Especially the inspirational and educated type, fire up our spirit and motivate us. Watch one and live life to fullest!

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