We all love to travel, no matter to neighbour cities or abroad countries. Believe that there is no single individual that hates travel, there just individual that having difficulties obstructing them to travel. Why do people love travel? What’s the advantages of travel? Here are the 8 reasons why we should travel.

Escaping and Recharging

After a long period of hard-work whether on career, studies or any events, what activities are better than travel for us to escape and recharge? We dedicated too much of time to work out results for other party, but too little for ourselves.

An escape from busy and tiring vocation, throwing all the emails and job task behind our head. Take a real rest to comfort ourselves, say “good job” and “keep fighting” at a place that is real relaxing with no irritating person or emotion. Recharge our battery and perform excellency after back from travel.

Learn and Understand

More than 6.5 billion people in the world and how many cultures out there is an uncertain. We live in the same town, dealing with same people and culture everyday. We should travel and learn more about other cultures. Understand how other community lives their life, or perhaps can learn to implement on ourselves.

We can also learn new languages, new survive skills, new practical skills and etc. Try to absorb more the merit from others, improvise to suit different situation we may face in daily life.

Self Enhancement

From travelling, we can gain self enhancement in spiritually or mentally. Increases the self confidence level when by challenging ourselves. We will challenge ourselves to talk to strangers with different language, take risk to explore new route and etc.

The feeling of proud on ourselves when meal is ordered even low proficiency of foreign language. Feeling of joy and pride as the trip finish successfully, we are capable of anything.

Widen Our Perspective

More places we visit, more people we will in contact. More interesting and fresh perspective we will perceive because of different culture, environment, moral value, religion and etc more factors. This build up a very different mankind at different places.

Then we will realize how tiny we are in this world, how little we know about the world and the knowledge we knew might just the tip of an iceberg. We get to see what we never seen before at our place.


Places, restaurant, cafe, stalls that we never been before and one day we step into, the fresh feeling of wonderful and amazed by their decoration, business modal, items and etc. This greatly increase the level of innovation because new cogitation takes place.

The moment we see something that rarely see before, we might think that “I bet we can do this at our place”.

Build New Relationship

Travel allow us to meet new people starting from the moment we step out from our home. Someone new in the plane, that sit beside us, new friends made at the hotel or cafe. Do we really need this kind of long distance friendship? Why not! Friends from other places might help us to enhance our lifestyle and even career.

Short period time of travel won’t allow us learn too much, thus having a new friends from that country, using the advance of the internet, we can keep in touch, share and exchange information.

Try New Things

Foods are most exciting part during travel. We might not know the taste of the food is suitable for us but we still very excited to try them out. We only live and act within our own circle back at our place. Travel allow us to know what and how the locals eat, act, response and feel under any circumstances.

New or thrilling activities we do not have the chance to do at our place due to time or energy limitation. Now we can try out everything as we travel. Highest bungee jump, cave exploring, mountain hiking, hot air balloon and etc. Try ask ourselves, apart from working, what new things we tried within our activity range?

Gain Respect

More places we visit, wider the perspective we are. We become more humble and higher knowledge either in different cultures, religions, languages and more. When we story or discuss with people around us, they will start to admire and respect us.

Of course there is also people who will envy, but who care? We will be in a state of calmer mindset after what we have perceive from around the world.

There is always more positive reason than negative. Encourage that every individual to travel more, to widen and increase our knowledge. Then come back to contribute more to the society. Sitting at home or on working desk, searching on the internet will not give us the real feeling where we need to experience physically.

We only live once. So, let’s start packing and travel!


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