What is your life purpose? We believe that many of us do not know what is their’s life purpose, we may know this simply by asking anyone around us, what is their life purpose. First, let’s look at the definition of life purpose, meaning that the purpose we expect to gain from our life experience.

Depends on an individual, what he or she expect to have in their life experience. To pursue happiness, financial wealth, knowledge, significant, fame and many more. We also shall not conclude that our life purpose is also everyone else’s life purpose. Everybody has their freedom to their pursuit.


Life purpose shall always related to our feelings. Something that make us feels good and thus we only will pursue it. Taking an example of gym work out, some people likes it even though it hurts our muscle because maybe the outcomes make the person feels good. Others who quit easily simply cannot withstand the pain across the period.

Good feelings are the fundamental of pursuing a life purpose. As teenage, being playful is feeling good thus we all enjoy to play. As parents, looking at the achievement of children is feeling good. As businessman, earning a pile of money is feeling good. So, life purpose is about happiness!


Vision is able to see the state of our being in future. Either it is short period of few years or long period of few decades. Having no vision meaning that doing the same thing and repeating it everyday, without any planning on future.

Different people has different vision, some just hope to have a peace life, some hope to have a great impact of life. We shall not judge but to follow our heart, what we happy and enjoy doing. Life purpose do not restrict on how significant our life can be, is how we able to serve to community during alive period.

Passion with Action

To have the passion over something is very easy, but to combine with action, this require some discipline. Life purpose is not an easy task that able to achieve in days. It require us to put in effort physically and also mentally over a years even decades.

Passion on one thing will kill boredom and laziness. Passion is a positive energy that drives us further, together with action, will lead us to the expected outcome of our vision.

Identify Your Life Purpose

Now, life purpose can be identify by combining these 3 elements. First, we have the vision, target or goal to be achieve. It can be a small goal for short period of time, or it can be great vision which can only be achieve by long period of journey.

Then we need to have passion with action, to carry out the tasks require to achieve our vision. Feeling good along the process or journey.

Life purpose can be selfish, selfless, contribution, serving and etc. Below we have 5 simple questions to find your life purpose in 5 minutes by Adam Leipzig.

  1. Who you are?
  2. What you do?
  3. Who you do it for?
  4. What those people want and need?
  5. How they change as a result?

Let’s find our life purpose, look for the lifestyle we want and live life to fullest!

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