Lives happily ever after is the typical ending for all fairy tails we know. It is also the ideal life for every individual around the world, but what is “lives happily ever after”? Do we have the same common understanding and definition for “lives happily ever after”?

Hopes of every parent to their children without any doubt, it will be hoping the children to be happy for their whole life. However this is greatly influence by the background, culture and social of the individual. Taking examples, growing in wealthy family owning everything does not mean that the individual will be happy. Growing in poor family might have a happy life because less to worry.

Here we shall discuss how to lives happily for all individual. Suggestion is that we should choose the lifestyle that we want. Lifestyle that we will pursue from the age of young till the age of old without any regrets. For example, a lifestyle that we looking forward to have own business. At this stage, the lifestyle we meant is the progress to own the business from scratch to empire, the challenges, obstacle, financial and etc will come abroad to this lifestyle.

Of course we can have a lot of lifestyle like wanting to establish own business, travel around the world, be guardian of our children at the same time. Therefore we must not lost our direction towards it, and thus this will become a vision for an individual. Vision to your own life until you leave this world as ashes. This also workable on any organization, corporation, system and etc.

How choosing the lifestyle can lead to lives happily? First, it is your choice, why would you feel sad or anger with your own choice. Many people in this world always complaint about their job, their social circle, even their life. But they do not think that this is their choice, a decision which lead them towards that direction.

Second, it drives your desire and passion everyday. As mentioned previously it is your choice, if you choose to establish your business, you should have the passion to make it happen no matter how, or else why will you bother yourself to face these challenges?

The factor that stop us being happy is the decision made by our mind. We always get distracted by negative thoughts which influence by environment either in workplace or social. Advice for every each of you there to take control of your own mind, figure out what lifestyle you going to pursue and hurl away your negative thoughts.

Lastly, please stay with us for more informative article.

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