Pet is the best pal of human being of all time. They duty on this planet is to serve the community by spreading love and joy. We have yet to meet pet that is violent and murder, of course we shall not compare with the wild carnivore animals because they hunt to feed as nature.

Pet only eat and shit, remaining time will be wander around if they are being wild, or will deliver love to people around. Pet can help us to release stress and improve our mood as we focus our attention on them. Pet also can teach our kids about responsibility, loving and caring.

1. Dogs

dog best house pet

Dogs are always human’s best social friend. They are friendly, lovely and most importantly is loyal. Dogs are trainable and listen to owner although they are playful all the time. This lovely animal devoted to everyone using their whole life, can be a partner of a child and friend of an adult.

2. Cats

cat best house pet

Cats are popular among those who prefer quiet environment. High curiosity being yet a very quiet hunter type. They always show us the calmness, peace and ignore of surrounding, worth a learning for us.

3. Hamster / Guinea Pigs

A non stop eating cute furry thing, believe to be the most popular pet for all children out there. Despite of the size and easy caring, parents prefer to buy or adopt these cute furry to their children. It is just so fun look at them while they eat, sleep or running around, but be careful as they will bite.

4. Rabbits

Another cute and lovely furry animal, easier to manage than dogs but require attention from owner because they will depress if they left notice. Lower cognition level so be careful when let it out freely, it does not know the danger around.

5. Turtle / Tortoise

turtle tortoise best house pet

Both land and water living creature, slow moving thus easier for us to track the movement, less doubt of missing them. Herbivore animal seems to be no sign of violent, suitable for children to start as pet owning habit, to train to have responsibility.

6. Fish

Easy to take care especially for owner that is lazy to play with their pet. We just need to fish and clean the water of aquarium. Colorful living creature create a harmonic sight at home, suitable for children to start as pet habit to develop caring and responsible.

7. Birds

birds best house pet

High challenge animal to adopt as house pet because the nature of birds were to set free to fly around. To adopt birds as house pet, huge amount of attention needed with a comfort size of cage.

8. Sugar Glider

sugar glider best house pet

Cute and unique little animals will have a lot of interaction with the owner if the bond is strong. Many owners trained sugar gliders so professional that it will glide and ride in owner’s pocket or pouch. Sugar gliders crave companionship or they will get depressed, or even ill.

9. Lizards

Lizards have so many species available around, it can be tough to choose a right one as house pet. Therefore before adopt a lizard, do research on it because reptiles are very challenging to tame, despite their different personalities. It’s like a small size dinosaur in the house!

10. Hedgehogs

hedgehogs best house pet

Small, spiny, insect-eating mammals that are quiet, entertaining and low maintenance. Hedgehogs actually do not crave human affection, they see everything as threat at the beginning thus they will curl into a spiky ball. When they sense no harm from us, then only it will allow tame by us. Not recommend for children.

There are still many types of pets out there. Depends on what we love and the maintenance options suitability, we can literally own any pets nowadays. However we must bare in mind the reason why we wish to own a pet. Animals are also living creature, they also need love, caring and attention from the owner, thus responsibility is very important when come to adopting pets. Love is all we need. Live life to fullest!

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