Waking up in the early morning to go to work is very tough for most of the people on this planet, especially the Monday blue. However working is not only to find our sustenance, it also is our passion and lifestyle. Therefore, we should kick start our working morning in a very healthy and energize state.

1. Eat a Good Breakfast

Make your whole year’s plan in the spring and the whole day’s plan in the morning, kick start the working morning by feeding our mind with good nutrition and refresh our brain and body. Get some good, healthy and balance diet whichever needed by the brain.

A cup of nice coffee or a bottle of refreshing juices, pick the choices that we like and comfortable early in the morning. Some salads or heavy calories by the choice of ours that can feed our brain and body for breakfast. All this can even make us be positive early in the morning.

2. Set Daily Challenge

We do understand our daily working routine is boring because the job task is quite the same throughout years. So we shall set daily challenge for ourselves, not only to remind ourselves the goals, also able to improve our skills and wisdom.

Challenges such as to create a special template which can be use for our job task, finish a normal task using less time as normal did, or even challenge to close deal with tough clients. Not only restrict on job related challenges, we sometimes can also challenge to be more humorous or communicative at workplace.

3. Affirmations

When we wake up early during the working morning, the moment we open our eyes, normally the first though come into our mind will be “boring work again”, “Friday please come faster”, “I hate to see him” and many more these types of negative thoughts. This is the reason why many out there not happy to their job.

Try to use a positive morning affirmation to kick start our working morning. Most of us surely will think that it’s truth that we do not like the job we doing now, but none of us dare to quit. So rather than complaining it, we should change the way we think of it first. Below are some examples for positive morning affirmations.

  • I love my job because it provides me safety on financially.
  • I communicate with my co-workers in a very good manner.
  • I find many potential clients thru out the day.
  • I let go all my fear on job and become excited.
  • I am so excited to today’s upcoming challenges.
  • I get whatever I’m wishing for in work.
  • Life is so good for me and I shall not disappoint myself.

We choose our job, we choose to stay, we choose to perform, we choose it as our lifestyle. Therefore, start with the best and end with the best, we only responsible for our own life. Life is fun and interesting, kick start our working day or any day with passion and positive. Live life to fullest!

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