“If you love what you are do, you will never work a day in your life”, we believe most of you out there do heard this phrase quite often. Life Mastermind always emphasizes on work is also a lifestyle. We should have and treat our vocation as vacation.

So, do you love what you do? If we spend most of the time doing what we do not love to do, we are wasting time and living a miserable life.

Develop A Career Rather Than A Job

A job is something we do to earn money to sustain our life, career is a series of planning with connected employment opportunities. One simple formula to distinct between a career and a job is how the process will impact our life for next few decades.

If we are doing it merely for money, passing day by day without any future planning, this is not a career. Career is we eager to plan for future, do not afraid to make mistakes, building connections among the sector and making more opportunities.

Duty and Responsibility

Our attitude of responsibility towards what we are doing reflects how much we love what we do. A newly hired employee will have a high duty and responsible attitude towards their job because they think this will be their career path. However after a period of services, the responsible level fall down.

To explain this phenomena, simply because lack of motivation and passion. If an individual loves what he or she does, the passion level is high and surely will fulfill the duty and responsible. Just like we own a pet at house, we dedicate a lot of love to them even though they are just animal.


What do we expect from what we do? Or do we even dare to expect the expectancy? Boring job will kill the expectancy because we are following the same routine everyday. Same task same people same problem kill the innovation of an individual. Human beings are born to do challenges.

As a parent, we expect our children to grow healthy and smart. Thus we are happy and enjoy to see the progress, and the outcomes. We couldn’t expect it on other people’s child aren’t we, it is beyond our control. Because it is under our control, therefore we will expect the best outcome from what we love to do.


Positive feelings from what, when, who, why, where and how we do everything, a driven energy forces for our mental and spiritual. What we feed our mind and what we will become. Feed positive feelings to our mind, the more positive behaviour develop, more love to what we are doing.

Enjoy what we do, the more enjoyable feeling we will look for. Same goes to happiness, fulfilment and passion on what we do. If we are complaining on what we do right now, it is a sign we need a break or even change new environment.

Every elements we have discussed so far is all inner self factor, we do understand there are plenty outside factors that will affect the environment. We can always know how to communicate well to minimize the outside influences. We must strengthen inner self first then slowly expand outwards.

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