We spend more than 1/3 of our time in our career, which means that apart from sleep, we are at our workplace during conscious state. It is important that all employees should have a very ideal workplace for them, to increase the performances, outcomes and results.

Imagine that we dedicated most of our time and energy at a place but the environment is not what we expected, how inspire and motivate can be. Ideal workplace does not only indicate the physical welfare or facilities of the office, most of it relate to mental development.

Different generations came through different encounter and their perspective will be different as well. And in workplace surely include all generations, to generate harmony, we should produce working environment according to their expectation thus creating most ideal workplace.

Baby Boomers

Those who born approximately around 1946 to 1964 are baby boomers, which their current age will be around 50+ to 70+. Most of them is either retired or have become the top management level. 

Baby boomers are workaholic, their work is their life. They hold most of the authority power in these days with bunch of knowledge. They are now in the state of preparing to retire or pass on the authority, thus ideal working environment for them will be acknowledge and value their skills.

Consultant job task is very suitable for them, having years of experience and the positive attitude in working, they do not demand too much. We believe baby boomers now do have monetary preparation for the rest enjoying life. If they lack of this, please do prepare monetary retirement planning for them. They will work even harder for us.

Because baby boomers are in the position of top management now, sharp vision and communication skill must develop among them. Provide needed training so that there is no gap for them to communicate with millennial.

Generation X

Gen X are those who born approximately in 1965 to 1980, making them at age around 35+ to 53+ currently. This entire generation is the represent of the rise of education, technology or even beliefs. This generation is having higher education than their parent.

Gen X demand a work-life balance and they work to live. The ideal workplace for them are monetary rewards and recognition. Proper promotion for their title and even status is the thrive for their work-life balance theory. Gen X currently shall be parents by their own, yet they do not hope to adapt the parenting style like baby boomers, Gen X love to spend their time with family.

Allowing Gen X to have more social time, acknowledge their hard-work and reward base on performance. They will stay loyal to the company with excellent results. Do provide more advancing development training so that one day they are well prepared to take our the authorities from Baby Boomers.

Gen X is the communication bridge between baby boomers and Gen Y, thus they must have sharp instinct to know what this young and old generations thinking. Provide them leadership training and they can create ideal workplace.

Generation Y

Gen Y is also known as Millennial where born approximately after 1980, making them at age around 20+ to 35+. They are known to be entitled and lazy. Millennial are a very special yet stubborn group because the easily access to anything. Technology, information, finance and etc, they ask for it they get it.

Millennial is a very special group in workplace, they either do not care the paycheck or they demand more. Normal monetary rewards no longer able to maintain their loyalty because “YOLO” theory, thus spiritual development is more effective for this generation. 

Millennial is ambitious, innovative and smart but unfocused and miserable. They able to finish the task very quickly but they do not clear what is the purpose. We must give them the purpose, the nested “why” so that they will no longer in miserable state and feel fulfillment.

Ideal workplace for Millennial is flexibility, recognition and fulfillment. They love to work at the cafe rather than sit in the office. The feeling of fulfillment and recognition from top management will increase their loyalty level, but do not forget suitable and proper monetary rewards will help also. Allowing them to live the “YOLO” lifestyle yet deliver the importance and meaning of a career.

Combining all three generations create a normal workplace and the common requirement for an ideal workplace is recognition and acknowledgement. Human being is emotion driven animal, as more positive feeling provided, more energetic will be. Biological reaction.

Great communication and leadership skills also require in an ideal workplace so that there is no communicate problem within the organization, less gap produce. Great leaders produce follower and follower do not walk off easily, learn how to lead our team rather than instruct. Employees are human being not robot, they perceive feeling better than instruction.

Everyone love to work in a positive energy driven environment. It is not about how much money given, how many snacks and free flow coffee provided. It is the goal and purpose of all individual for achievement, the feeling of fulfillment and recognition of hard-work.

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