Human resource is the greatest asset in the company no matter in physical task or brain task. Unless we can replace the staff now with AI (which we believe it could some day in the future), human still perform the best in a workplace especially in the field of innovating and developing.

It is always a pity and unfortunate if talented employees quit, great loss where we have to train the new comer and time consuming which they need to adapt new environment. We do not want a well adapted, familiar with job task, high efficiency employees to leave and here we will discuss why employees quit and how to prevent.


Poor leadership in a company is a fatal factor that employees will leave. Leadership is like parenting, how well the children can perform if the toddler is born in a violent family? Parent playing the important role of lead with examples, same goes to leadership. Employees will not have the heart of willingly to stay under incapable leader where they not able to see a good future inside the leader.

Leadership is a very deep knowledge, it requires lifetime of learning by observe and experience. We might think that employees shall take care everything that leader have no time or cannot perform themselves, but do you take care of your employees well? Take care employees well here meaning that we understand what they want, how to make them grow and even help them to achieve something. If we take care our employees well, they will take care our business well. 

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The opportunities we going to discuss here is all about the growth of the employee. Either in financial, status, skill and etc. Low salary, not satisfy or uneven pay that cannot balance the inner of the employees. Money is not everything, if salary given is not satisfying, opportunity of the raise of status is given? Worst come to worst, money and position is not distributed evenly, at least skill and practice is given?

If salary, status and skill also not provide in a proper manner, how we able to convince our employees to work hard for us? Skill set and practice given also able to enhance the productivity of the company, increase the confidence of the employees, hence also benefit the company. If the company is not able to provide the “opportunities”, naturally the employees will look for other company that able to provide all these “opportunities”.


Believed that all the company do have VMOG (Vision, Mission, Objective, Goal) but how many of the employees understand and deliver as wished? For the bosses out there, it is your company, if you want your employees to have the same vision as you do, then start making them feel the company is part of their’s.

Clear vision of the future of company is very crucial for the development of the company and also the growth of the employees. It is like we going to a destination with the clear mind that where we are going and reached at the end of the journey. If we do not have final destination determined, get into the car and start rolling, no purpose and outcome can be reached. Employees will get frustrated if they do not know what they doing now will lead them to where. Provide employees meaning and purposes.


Rules.. standards.. policy everywhere in the company. Talented people always have their special habits and attitudes, and rules are created to be break isn’t it? Bunch of annoying rules and yet employees must obey otherwise discipline action will be taken. Good and disciplined employees understand well their restrict and responsibilities, rules and standards will only make them frustrated.

Unfriendly management to provide a good support to the employees, employees are human being and human being driven by feeling and emotion. If we germinate the seed with nutrition and sun, it grows well; if we germinate the seed with ash and garbage, it will not grow, same principle apply on human being. 

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Authority and Appreciation

Recognition is important in the organization, it is the nutrition to the development of quality of your employees, and the motivation for the spirit of employees. Many company dedicate the authority power on the top management to protect the company. Hence this act reduce the trust and confidence of the employees. Employees will start to feel they do not gain trust from the company thus affect the performance.

Employees hold most of the information and skill yet no authority, company should pass down the authority for them so that they can perform the task efficiently, it is also an act of appreciation.

Before complain that employees never satisfy or employees only know ask rather deliver, try figure out the lack of the company, analyse why employees quit or high turn over rates. It takes two to tango.

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