Most of the employer will not raise or adjust our salary even after long period time of service, especially for those traditional type management system. Employer always think that higher salary to employees meaning higher management cost and lead to higher liability in their company.

Human always is an asset in a company, the most value thing in human is the brain. Unlimited possibilities and ideas are from the mind, furthermore people do business with people, company do not do business. So, under these circumstances, we should negotiate and ask for higher salary bravely. Not only to compensate our lifestyle, but also to stimulate our performance.

1. Know Your Value

The first element we need to understand in order to negotiate a higher salary is to know our value. If we are the type that never improve after years of service, low skill sets, only perform what needed and asked, then forget about negotiating a raise because do not have any bargain power.

If we are the type that contributing and performing more than paid, high work ethic and work spontaneously, this is the bargain power we can voice up to ask for more raise. This planet is a same value trading culture, employer will know how we perform but sometimes they never act, then we should take the approach.

2. Good Timing

Timing is everything. Discuss the raise matter at a proper timing such as when our employer is in good mood, or after the company closed a big deal. Very common sense that we shall not approach to any individual when the environment is in negative state.

Also do analyse the content of discussion and act accordingly, do not rush to ask for raise or negotiate the salary, leave this matter at appropriate session because this session is to explain our value to the company, the listener shall able to hear us and understand us.

3. Enthusiasm and Passion

Enthusiasm towards our work is very important, passion to what we doing is even more important. If we lose both enthusiasm and passion in our vocation, no point to negotiate and ask for raise don’t we? With these 2 elements, automatically we can perform the best from our capability.

The energy flow of enthusiasm and passion in the workplace can be easily detected by anyone, especially the employer that also in the same state of energy. It is not a problem to negotiate for higher salary if we have both enthusiasm and passion in our work because they drive us forward daily full with energy.

4. Confidence

Be confidence when negotiating for salary raise. Low self esteem and confidence will only prevent us to discuss bravely about salary issue. Inflation rate is raising every year, price of items and expenses raising dramatically, yet no raise in salary is a disastrous.

Do not need to feel apology asking for raise, we all deserve for raise to balance the inflation and expenses hike. As we know our value, having enthusiasm and passion in our work, then we should be confidence to ask for what we deserve.

5. Get Ready to Compromise

As an employee, we also do need to consider the status and position of the employer. Maybe employer do love and acknowledge our performance, but the financial of company not allow to do big changes on request. Then at this moment, we need to do some compromise.

Compromise do not mean that we put ourselves in a low position, but to discuss the best outcome with the employer. Such as if the company not able to raise our expected salary, perhaps we can ask for raise in position, higher challenges and exposure task and etc.

Treat vocation like vacation and we deserve what we want. Not only to work for money but also to work out the ideal lifestyle for ourselves. Live life to fullest!

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