We have been told by the world how we should live our life and everything around us is a made up by someone out there. We live our life how people expect us to be, but we can do more than that, we can live our life the way we desire, the more interesting and fresh experience.

Thus, this chapter will be discussing the decision making system between element “Explore” and “exploit”. Explore is where we going to find out something new, and keep in archive make use of it later, this is the place innovation created. Exploit is going to the methods we know it is good enough from the information gathered so far.

Explore and exploit is we want to try something new or stick with the regular choices. Toddler do not have much choices, they always explore, trying new things, sticking toys into their mouth. Because they do not have the information or experience gathered before, they want to get as much as information possible by exploring. 

The level of curiosity of toddler are very high so that they can learn very fast, this is biological. As by the age increases, level of curiosity of an individual decreases, from the sufficient information gathered to live our life, we will just exploit.

Then, should we explore or exploit? Travel blogger explore new places and blog their experiences, itinerary and even expenses for public reference. Normal traveler will just follow the guide and travel to suggested places. This is the option that we can make. Travel blogger is good in explore because this is how they earn their living. What if we explore ourselves? We might end up to be freelance travel blogger, interesting experience and challenging trip.

If we always go to the same restaurant, same shopping mall, same routine, isn’t it boring? But at least we able to obtain whatever we need. This is about the decision of “new”. Whether do we able to accept new experience and information.

Exploit is a habit that we inherit so naturally to allow us to complete certain task very efficiently. If we do not require “new” information to be collect, go ahead with exploit. Such as normal meal, route go to work or back home and etc.

To increase the level of innovation or looking for new ideas, always go for explore. For standard implementation, exploit is good enough. We also can explore and gather, then implement as standard later just like toddler did. This might end up as the improvement.

Depends on what the acceptable level we are, to accept “new” or stay with “just enough”. But do remember that we all have choices, live our life as how we wanted to.

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