The Apple, a very simple object and something we see very often. The mighty of the apple is the discover of Law of Gravity. Another one will be the Apple company although it is a bitten one. This is the reason why we choose apple for this system because it is very common in our life. In this chapter, we will touch more on spiritual thinking.

Now,in Diary Series, how we apply this system to enhance our life? Let’s go to the story of Isaac Newton, he discovered the law of gravity because when he resting under the apple tree, the apple fall on his head. This makes him wondering why the apple will fall to the ground instead of going to the sky. But for us, we always wonder why it is an apple tree but not coconut tree? Why is the apple tree will appear out of no where for Isaac Newton?

Another story will be Apple company, why Apple company is named as “Apple”? Why not other fruits? According to biography of the founder Steve Jobs told Walter Isaacson, he was “on one of my fruitarian diets” and had just come back from the apple farm.

So what is the common of these 2 stories? The element in it is also the element we want to raise out, practice and emphasize to enhance our life. It is “New Idea” and “Innovation”. Isaac Newton only discovered Law of Gravity because of the falling apple, he doesn’t seen anything fall before? It is actually an idea that just happened to trigger the thinking of Isaac Newton. Same goes to Steve Jobs when they are looking for the company name, “Apple” just happened to appear.

What are we trying to bring out here is how to generate new ideas and innovation in your life. Perceived with the examples of apple, we can remind ourselves that new ideas or innovation do not depends on high standard or high requirement. In order to come get flooded with new ideas, adjacent possible shall first come into our mind, which also mean that look for the nearby resources to increase higher chances possibility.

Innovation and ideas do not come from nothing, they must be led by one source to another new source. Build the future with the knowledge of past. So whenever we are brainstorming for new ideas, try to look at object around us first, or look for new object to increase our possibilities.

We hope everyone here can change your mind how you perceive the things around you. Change how you look at the challenges, problems and etc. To come to engage new ideas or true innovation, referring to the past is a need, grasp the nearest sources are simple and fast.

Adjacent possible is a very good metaphor here and is a very good practice. THINK OF THE APPLE, THINK OF THE ADJACENT POSSIBLE! Let your innovation blast your life!

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