The universe is very massive, human being discover new things everyday yet we are still know so little about the universe. Narrow down the scale, just mention about the earth including both ground and ocean, we just merely explored 30% of the surface. How amazing the world is!

Radar system we put in Diary Series is to remind us and change the way we look at things. This is so much related to our first system – Teachability Index. To increase the index we willing to accept and perceive in new perspective.

We all do know how radar works, it transmit frequency waves and whatever it collides, object will project on the radar screen. Depends on how strong the instrument is, then we can receive the signal up to certain of the range. 

In our life, what we known and what we seeing is just like the object project on the radar screen, our own radar screen. The projection of the object on the radar screen is somehow like the reminder of our knowledge, experience or any happening events. But what we do not aware is that how massive the ocean out there that radar screen are not able to project everything.

A metaphor here indicates that we human being, only tend to see and accept the things we know and we seen, forgetting the massive possibilities out there. By understand this, we able to decrease our ego because the knowledge we know is just merely tips of the iceberg.

No matter how high our education are, how advance our status are, there is always something out there that we do not know. In fact what we mastered in is the specific field that we experienced in a long period of time. If we open our mind wider, accept and learn more new things, then we will realize how tiny we are in the community. Then at this stage, we should learn as much as possible and share among the community.

Or when we are in the state of bottleneck, struggling for outcomes, bare in mind that the possibly if we widen our eyesight instead of just looking into our radar system, we might find more interesting and unexpected outcome.

We have not seen it or experience it does not mean that it’s not there. Stay humble, forget ego. What we aware is on our own radar screen, what waiting for us to explore is outside of the radar screen. Remember that the ocean is too massive for a little radar to project everything on the screen.

We, Life Mastermind here hoping to combine all little radar, discover and explore the whole ocean, share among every individual, to make our life wonderful and interesting!

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