Training balance scale is a scale where one side of the scale is about “the why” and another side is “the how”. 

The why is the thinking we should have like desire, vision, motivation, energy, emotion and etc. It is all about the spiritual of an individual. Just as same as other system in Diary Series, we always emphasize to have strong and positive spiritual. Possess strong “why” inside us by thinking clearly our goal.

Please be remind that barely thinking will not get what we want, that is just dreaming. Visualize the outcome and feel the positive emotion of it, with great motivation. Motivation is equally important as our vision. If we have the vision and strong desire to make it happens, we will motivate ourselves to take approach of everything. Very simple example is working, try imagine if you do not get paycheck every month by working, will you still go to work?

The how is physical action for how we do in order to meet the frequency what we think. Action, planning, techniques, skills and etc all these physical is the physical approach for us to get what we want. The how and the way will work together so well and so natural that sometimes we do not even realize. 

Motivation is spiritual as we mentioned just now, the example of working is we got spiritual motivated to go to work by given paycheck, this do require the physical action. Another example will be taking diet, we might get motivated to want to get diet for healthy life today but no action taken tomorrow. This is just motivated but no action taken, how the outcome will be produce?

Interesting myth in this training balance scale is that we thought that we have to balance the system so it works. This is a scale rather than a system. A measurement scale for “the why” is how strong and positive our spiritual is, scale for “the how” is how many actions taken. Actions can be done more than one people isn’t it?

We do not have to worry how the action should be done in order to meet the frequency what we desire. All matter is in a constant state of vibration or motion. We will need to send the signal to the matter that we want. As long as we possess strong desire and emit strong vibration, the related 5W1H will come along.

The scale will never be balance. If we focus more on “the why”, your thinking will get right and motivated actions will come along. If we focus on “the how”, is like the slave in working our normal job, performing for paycheck only.

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