The Star is diagram we use to represent discipline. In this chapter we will talk about how to build discipline for our mind. Discipline is the cause to every success, discipline is hard, discipline is suffer. We all have the thinking to change but do not have the persistence of action.

Very simple and comfortable when we think and imagine the goals we desire for, but in order to change, we have to move out from comfort zone. Discipline is very uncomfortable and cruel, it takes away our freedom and sweat but in return it gives achievement.

There are 5 elements we will introduce here to build up our discipline.

Self Control, is the essential action we must possess. Control ourselves to or not to do something in order to achieve our target. Control ourselves to follow and obey our inner voice. Control ourselves not to lose direction even though the process is very torturing. Just like going to gym for body building, to have the body shape we want, we must lift and exercise specific amount of time everyday. If we do not have self control action to get up from couch and go to the gym, nothing will happen.

Trust, is the emotion we belief in ourselves. Trust in our goals, trust in our self confidence. Trust that we can achieve it within any period of time. If we do not belief what we are doing is correct, how good the discipline is also will not generate any fantastic outcome. Just like the slavery of normal career, we do go to work on time but no belief system for us to rely on, thus we only able to get normal paycheck.

Obedience, is where we follow and obey any instruction or signal sent out from our mind. Discipline should be build willingly in ourselves. We may learn from opinions of other then follow and obey it, important is we must obedience in a same vibration frequency of our mind. If our mind say, must go to gym every 6 pm for 30 minutes in order to get into good shape, then we must follow with action.

Love, what we are doing and get motivated every second. This greatly build up our discipline because we love what we are doing. We inspired and motivated to move forward to our goals, with the discipline which allow us to do consistently, all the hard work will pay off and no negative feeling for suffer. Love what we do and do it with even more effort.

Journey, where we want to feel enjoy and happiness. Feel that everything we doing is the journey to achievement, enjoy every moment with gratitude, positive outcome will be waiting for us at the end of the journey. Let the discipline be part of the journey, like the wheel on our vehicle, the wing of the airplane. It is the tool that drive us to our destination and it must exist, no matter how strong our engine are.

Combine up these 5 elements, love what we doing with the trust of ourselves and outcome. Self control to not to lose our direction with obedience by following and obey instructions and rules. Assume all is a journey then we will arrive to our desire destination.

Let our vision shine bright like The Star by implementing these 5 character for discipline. Our level of success is determined by our level of discipline.

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