Pinwheel, symbol of joy and sometimes we can relate to vacation. Here, we use pinwheel to represent the TPER system. TPER is a goal achievement system, we can apply it at any goal task, such as targeting to travel to other countries. We also can use this system to improve the task outcome.

TPER is a sequence of actions. T = Target, P = Planning, E = Execution, R = Result. The system is also in the order starting from Target follow by Planning, Execution and Result. The reason we represent this system with pinwheel because it does not end at the result, we shall look back to target and cycle the order again. Thus, improvement can be initiate. 

Target, is when we start to think off a new idea, the birth of the vision or goal. We must have a target first before we proceed to make our dream come true. For example, if we want to go for a travel to Europe, we should first target which country of the Europe to visit. Or taking the example at the workplace, we all sure do want promotion, then we should target when and what position to achieve. Target is the first step to any success.

Planning, is the process where we use logical thinking to analyze our target. Target is merely idea and idea just a normal thought if no action is taken place. Planning is we study on our financial budget, timeline, people, challenges and etc. Let say we wish to travel to UK, we should plan when is the best time to visit, what is the budget affordable by us, which places to visit once we are in the UK. For workplace promotion, planning is how and what we have to do in order to get promoted.

Execution, a physical action with not regret and turning point, at least. At this stage, we will start execute our target with the planning we did previously. Back to example to visit UK, here we will do hotel and flight booking, arrive UK and enjoy the trip. Real action speaks everything.

Result, obviously meaning that the outcome of the goal or achievement. We would like to suggest that note down the result achieved with great positive emotions. Like return from travel from UK, we note down the places we visit, budget spend, photo for memories and etc into your diary. Then share it to your friends by suggesting and showing the wonderful results from the trip. Sharing is caring.

Continue the cycle for another goal or if we wish to improve from current goal, refer back and check see which stage we made mistake, placing better choices in it. Try to refer to example below.

Above is UK traveling simple example. Apply this to any of the goals or dreams. Make you ideas workable by action, share to others for opinions. Improve by back to the cycle if necessary. In diary, we can use a page for one procedure so that it is neater and easy to refer. Sharing session shall always  attach with photos for memories.

Clearer directions and great positive emotions can be created with this TPER system. Write and note everything down as detail as possible. And always remember, action speaks louder than words!

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