The Aim is a practice goal system we suggest and include in Diary Series. Purpose of this system is to build up discipline of ourselves and keep on track of our progress.

As we can see from illustrated diagram, the destination like icon we also call it as starting and ending point. It is like we going to a certain location, we will start at where we are and heading to the direction we desire. Middle section will be the routine. It is impossible for us to reach the destination if we do not have end point.

Successful people always encourage us to write down the goal or to do list. It is because as we writing it down, we able to visualize the goal we desire for. Human being is visual animal, as we able to visualize things, the easier we perceive it.

In this system, we encourage every user to write and note down everything on this diagram. First identify what or how is the situation we are in currently. Then make up our mind that final outcome we desire for. Middle bar shall show what, when, whom, where, and how we do. Example of knight as below for our reference.

We can see that knight is writing down the goal for his company. His current situation is $100k revenue with 13 employees and covered only South America. His goal is to achieve $2 mil revenue with 55 employees and cover worldwide. As from his steps or progress bar, he suggested few methods to achieve his goal.

As we written down the starting point and ending point in the system. Please do mention timeline, then suggest a few methods that we think is applicable. By time to time, refer back to the diagram we drawn and check the progress. If the method does work, highlight or tick it; if the method does not work, cross out and write in the better method. Check and see how far we go like a progression bar.

Build up our discipline using this system by filling in what we must do to achieve our goals. This system do not only restricted for big dreams or goals, it also can be use for small task like body building, study and etc. More likely “The Aim” system will become our time table, and we hope it can replace our normal meaningless time table.

Discipline is very hard to build and maintain. Slightly of demotivated or laziness will kill it. What we discussing here might be common sense but we want to make it as common action. Kill it or nail it!

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