“If you do what everyone elses doing, and get what everyone elses getting, those are normal results.” This quote are so happened to describe our normal life. In this chapter, we will introduce a system to think out of the box.

Think out of the box is the stem of new idea and great innovation. When we are asked to “think out of the box” by manager or superior, can we really think outside of it? What is the method to do so? Where should we start? If we throw the confuses back to he/she, doubted that the manager can think out of it instead. 

Now refer to the box diagram in Diary Series, we will have to jump out of original source, to a place that full of unlimited possible of innovation and true happiness. Box is a very good metaphor here to illustrate how we trapped in the box.

The box consist of boundaries, each boundary represent some constraint, the constraint we possess by the situation we are in, the experience we earned throughout years. So, what are these boundaries? The boundary can be law boundary, which we can not defy law to achieve our target. There might also exist moral boundary, our moral perspective that some method cannot pass. Maybe there also financial boundary, the budget that cannot meet our requirement. Many more boundary elements may exist depends environment on the individual or community.

The box we illustrate in Diary Series has many layer of the box, this indicate that box within is covered by another box and so forth. These layers of boundaries are create by years of experience, obstacle faced throughout years, opinions by other and etc more. This is why we always unable to think out of the box. Newly join employees are always high in innovation because the box they have are fragile and simple. Longer the employee stay, as they influence by culture, standards, opinions, and etc thus created box that has many layers and rigid. We can call them stubborn.

The more the layer the harder to think out of the box, many barriers to break thru to result of happiness. Also, the box we are in is actually a very small box because it is only in the environment that we familiar or the industry we know.

To think out of the box, we suggest to identify and break thru all these layers of barriers. A more practical way to think out of the box by knowing what the real obstacle that prevent us from fantastic innovations. There will be some boundaries that we cannot break thru for example law and moral, yet the box has another 2 side for us to break thru and move out from the box isn’t it?

Identify the barrier first, understand what we facing, then think at the direction which the boundary we removed. Practice this method by sketching on the diagram. Idea and innovation can be found with more clarity. Live your life fullest!

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