Golden Circle is a system proposed by great motivational speaker Simon Sinek. He generally speaking for leadership and start with why, in which taking place at every behaviour of business, leadership, self enhancement and etc by emphasizing on giving them a true purposes.

Golden Circle consist of 3 layers. The outer layer is “what”, the middle layer is “how” and the inner layer is “why”. Simon always emphasize to practice this system at any occasion by the theory of “inside out”. Inside out means we perform it from within our heart or with the self motivated intention.

Simon always give example using slogan of the Apple computer. Discussing on the importance of looking at “why” instead of “what”. Please go to How great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek to learn and understand more.

We putting this Golden Circle into Diary Series is hoping everyone of you able to find your “why”. Setting your vision and goal become more purpose oriented so that you able to increase the passion of doing it. Taking the example of a normal career, in your workplace, you know what you are doing and how you do it, but why you doing your job? Merely just because of the paycheck?

As we focus more on the “why” for everything we are doing, we will be able to find the true passion and realize which is not our favourite. The “why” also will drive our goal or vision further, distinct ourselves from competitor, more persuasive to public or customer and etc.

We shall not explain too much here, the video above explained all the essentials of this system. Or please look for more Simon Sinek videos and learn from him.

The book “Find your why” by Simon Sinek is a great book we would like to suggest. The content explain how and what you should do to find your why. Not only to find a personal why, the method is also applicable for organization why.

Stay Inspired! Recommend this system and inspire people around you! Live your life fullest!

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