Belief system is a spiritual guidelines that makes us how we perceive everything to become what we are and how we behave today. A system that affects all the decision we made everyday.

Belief system is also a programmed unconscious mind behavioural which we experienced and feel since we are born. In this Diary Series we will explain 5 elements in belief system and how to change it to make our life better. This system is also applicable in any society or organization.

Stacking stone is the diagram we use to represent belief system in Diary system. Same as any system structure, any of the unstable element will tumble the system. There are many different explanations and methods out there we can access and learn from internet. Please do so to improvise and improve to better.

In our Stacking Stones, there are 5 elements which are common sense, emotion, judgement, faith and belief.

Common Sense, is where mostly logical thinking takes place. Right or wrong, yes or no part. For example, it is a common sense not to steal. At this section, we have taught to protect ourselves or the people around us even non life being object. Here is where the “make sense” occur in order to keep us alive and away from danger. Common sense can also indirectly affect the feelings and emotions.

Emotion, is the feeling you feel in any course of event. For this elements, how it affect our belief system is the experience from feelings. For example, when we fail in performing some task, feeling of fear and disappointment produced, thus we had the experienced fear of failure. Too much negative emotion will create a negative belief system.

Judgement, is the opinions of the third party. For example, you have the common sense of stealing is not right, but then your best friends persuade that stealing can improve financial status thus you listen to them. This is how opinion affect our belief system. 

Faith, or also can be known as core beliefs. In example of faith, we always think of “I am smart” or “I am stupid”, it is the mindset we had implant deep in our soul. If we believe we are smart, then we are smart. If we believe we are stupid, then we are stupid. Faith is a spiritual action of choice to what we belief. Or in some past negative feeling experience, making the individual to lose faith. A bankruptcy business man afraid to do business again because the feeling of fear makes him lose faith in himself.

Belief, at this system is the combination of all four elements above and create the belief system. Taking the example, of successful people. They have faith in themselves that they will success, ignoring the negative judgement from peoples, and always feel positive. Making everything has become a common sense for successful peoples. Why people fail always because they have the revert version of successful people.

How to change the belief system? Here is where we need to trick our mind. Starting from faith, if we do not have the faith in ourselves, we are nothing in soul. Confidence or trust in ourselves. Having faith that we will become successful in one day. Faith in believe we are smart. Faith that we will become rich. If we ourselves do not have the confidence and trust, how does the being around us confidence and trust us?

Then, we come to the judgement or opinion from third party. We shall not just ignore these opinions. If it is able to allow us to learn more and improve, accept it. If it just the jealousy or sabotage from them, then ignore it. Keep focus in your faith.

Feelings are the angel and devil of soul. To make your belief system better, always amplify your positive feelings. Feel the happiness, enjoy and gratitude of some event. Even if it is a small failure, do not need to feel sad or negative, think it as a stepping stone, allow you to learn for improvement.

Practice all these to become common sense. Let it be a programmed subconscious, change the way we behave and act to anything around us. Then our belief system will change as well.

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