Ikigai meaning that “a reason for being” is a translation from Japanese term. Simply explain that the reason you exist in this world or the meaningful and happy life of an individual. Now we shall use this diagram to map out our reason for being.

Plenty of information about Ikigai can be found on the internet, different of explanations and methods can refer. We would like to divide this into two states. One is current states which the situation you are in currently. Another will be ideal state, a state that you wish to achieve in future.

In Ikigai there are 4 elements:

  • What you love
  • What you are good at
  • What you can be paid for
  • What the worlds need

Please sketch the diagram as below and take few minutes to study the logic of it.

Now we would like you to fill in with your current state of being. Current state meaning that the work, life condition you are living today. Here we are using “Knight” as example by filling his current state of being.

From the “Ikigai” of Knight, we can see that he loves to share and help, he is good at technology and now working as an engineer. Indeed the world needs more engineers and advance technology in his perspective. From here we can know that knight is in the state of “comfortable, but feeling of emptiness” because what he doing now is not able to help and share.

Our goal here is to achieve “Ikigai” and lives a happy and meaningful life. Thus we requesting everyone of you to fill in with another state, ideal state. You may draw another Ikigai at new page, fill in your ideal elements. Spend few minutes to think and dig deep down in your heart, do not lie upon yourself. Then only you can reach your “Ikigai” truly.

Of course the elements might be same as current state, but you not able to touch Ikigai as you can understand from the diagram, what is the feeling and lackness. If you are satisfy with 3 of the elements, then change the another element to achieve “Ikigai”. Always write things down, what you wish to change or keep.

If you have reached Ikigai at current state, congratulations! If you are not, embrace change or accept it. Always come back to the general question, “Do you happy with your life now?”. 

If we focus on the 4 elements of Ikigai, what we love is the passion and motivation to drive our daily life. What we good at is the skill sets we have inside us. What we can paid for is the sustenance or financial income. What the world need is how we contribute to the society. We love “What the world needs” because we believe we must do things that contribute to everyone. Look at those great scientist and politician as examples, without them the world will not be so wonderful as it is today.

More information about “Ikigai” can be discover on the internet. Please do look into it, study, understand and learn how other guru explain. Make and modify with every knowledge you get to achieve your great “Ikigai”! Live your life to fullest!

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