Four leaf clover, what would you think off when you see this diagram? Yes! It is luck! In this chapter, we will discuss on how to increase our luck. If we search for the source on how to increase luck on the internet, most of the results we obtain surely is about spiritually. Here in Diary Series, we will also emphasize on spiritual but in more logical ways.

Four key elements we suggest every individual in order to increase luck for any purposes. Whenever we want to increase our luck, we should think of “Four Leaf Clover” with this 4 key elements. Let’s begin!

Desire, knowing what you want is very important for first approach. The desire of wanting what we really want identify the chances we getting it. This is to remind us when the things we want are getting closer, we will not miss it. 

For example if we want to get into relationship, our desire let us imagine the characteristic of our target. If we do not have the desire to get into relationship, we will just miss it even the ideal target sitting next to us, because we do not sure what we looking for. The stronger and determined the desire, the higher the chances, thus luck increases.

Positivity, mindset that buried underneath the soul of every human being, identify what and how we obtain. It is kind of ridiculous when we says we must have a positive thinking to increase luck. Well, let’s understand the definition of luck first. 

“Luck is the concept that defines the experience of notably positive, negative or improbable events.” 

From here we can see that luck does not mean only occur for good events, thus can we believe that negative outcomes naturally born from negative mindset? At least, we should have faith in positivity will increase the luck of us. If we only perceive the world with negativity, how are we able to scent the present of good luck?

Risk, is an action that we can use to increase our luck. We can take some amount of risk so that we can discover more new opportunities. With more opportunity, index of luck exponentially increase. Things we want will not fall from the sky, approach them by moving forward bit by bit, mistake by mistake, chance by chance. 

For example when we taking the train after work, if we take the approach to talk to the stranger beside, he/she might happen to be the person that able to assist you in what you want; or in reverse situation, he/she will just be the normal stranger. Thus, taking risk if necessary to increase your luck.

Awareness, is the element that keep us awake, remind us when the luck is close. We must be aware when the chances have come. Most of the people miss the luck is because we do not aware, whether it is the luck we looking for. Referring back to the elements above, taking the risk when necessary but only if you aware it is “the possible”. Aware that your desire is in the correct direction. And aware that we are adapting the positivity. 

For example, we received an invitation to attend certain event, we missed the email or do not feel like going, is lack of awareness. Who knows that the event might affect us, of course the event might just nonsense to us.

Luck is the greatest super power in the universe. Harvest it with the suggested elements above. Use it for good deed, live the life we desire for. 

“The amount of good luck coming your way depends on your willingness to act” – Barbara Sher

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