We all have dreams, no matter it is a big or small dreams, mighty or normal dreams, at least the dreams are acting as thrust for us to move forward. The reason we include this chapter in Diary Series is to determine and remind ourselves what our dreams are and how to amplify it.

Write down our dreams in the dream box. Then show to the people around us! Yes, this might be a very silly action, but it is a very great method to amplify our dreams. 

People around us might laughing at our dreams, we might not able to get support from them even our own best friends or family. But we believe one day, they will admire what we did. Go ahead and share, tell people around what our dreams are, we might happen to meet those who also share the same belief. Then with the people that sharing same belief with us, we will discuss even deeper with great positive emotion.

As great positive emotion generated, we will feel motivated and put in even more effort, because we do know there are people out there, who believe what we are doing. Do not get demotivated just because of the rejection from people around us, they just do not believe what we believe.

Founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma has been rejected many times when he propose about his idea and belief. But when he found a team of people who belief what he belief, see what amazing results done up to today.

People afraid to tell their dream is because fear. Fear of failure, fear that people around will make jokes. People that make jokes of someone dream has no connotation, they spend most of the time laughing at people rather than put on service on other people. Why should we care so much about this kind of people?

Another reason we should share our dream is, to gain self confidence and let the emotion and feeling release. If we only keep our dreams for ourselves, it is a very lonely journey. Find partners, kick some bricks on the floor along the journey. Enjoy it and achieve it with 100% of belief.

People who know our dreams, understand and believe on us, will give us a hand when the times come. In a way that, they might share good experience, financial support and etc. Keeping the dreams within us will not obtain all this in an instance of time isn’t it?

So be generous, fearless and confidence to voice out our dreams. Whatever we able to dream off, the dream can come true. Dreams of Life Mastermind shown below. Live your life fullest!

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