Self confidence is an essential skill required by every individual so that we can live well in this challenging either in career, studies or personal life. Self confidence allow us to present ourselves in a way that people will listen and admire or even inspire others.

We all do have self confidence but everyone has different level. Some has self confidence during working but low level in personal life. Some has high level of confidence in social but low level in public speaking. It all depends on which of the field we wish to make use of and enhance. Here we have 3 effective ways to build up our self confidence.

Start From Our Mindset

Toddler has very high self confidence level, we can notice that when we praise the kids, the face of proud will show immediately. We still continue to praise them even they did wrong right? This is because to maintain the level of self confidence of the kids.

We all should learn from toddler, by adhere positive mindset. As we grow older, because of the negative experience such as rejection that lower down our self confidence. The bad feeling of disappointment or fear mess up with us and distract our mind that the capability of us are limitless.


Know who we are and believe in ourselves, know our strength and weakness. We are what we think, think that we are capable of anything, think that we can achieve anything. Self affirmation will keep us inspire, a mind trick that we can practice by saying “I am smart” rather than “Am I smart”. Same words but different meaning.

Believe in skills and knowledge we have, confident in all our action and decision. Enhance ourselves frequently, as more knowledge we have, the higher confident level will be.

Well Prepared

Be prepared and get ready. We should keep ourselves in a state that well prepared for any course of events, get ready to face any possible input output. When we always get well prepare, together with experience, skills and knowledge, things will go smoothly.Even if we been hammered down, positive mindset still always there.

Dress well and speak well delivering a good image to show that we are in well prepared condition. We will not wear T-shirt for important meeting isn’t it. Speak and behave like the status we acquire.

Self confidence require a lot of practice especially in spiritually. It is a muscle in our mind, as we build up the “confident” muscle in our mind, we still need to exercise to maintain it.

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