In this fast pace and stressful era, lack of sleep has become a common disease around the globe. Insomnia, a terrible sickness not only hurt our body but it also damage our mind. Thus we shall never overlook sleep pattern to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Below we are discussing 6 tips to improve our sleep pattern.

1. Manage Circadian Rhythm

Circadian Rhythm, might be a fresh term ever seen, but it just simply meaning that biological schedule, in other word is 24 hours activity schedule of our body and mind. Our body is the hardware while mind is the software, what we normally did from time to time has planted deep into our subconscious mind and become the programs. Such as we wake up in the morning, having meal on time and etc.

This is also why night shift employees able to stay awake during the night because their programs have setup in such a way. To manage our circadian rhythm, program our mind and body to wake up and sleep at fix time. This process will take typically longer period however is very effective to help us sleep better at night.

2. Emotions Control

Ever haunted by anxiety and fear of what is coming tomorrow on the bed and feeling hard to fall asleep. Yes we do know it is impossible that we do not think of negativity but we always can leave it behind our mind first, take a good rest, continue on it the next day with full amount of energy and dig the perfect solution to overcome it.

Clear our mind before bed, to relax our mind and not letting any negative feelings affect our energy recharge time. How are we gonna fight it if we do not have the energy? There is no problem without solution, just that how we perceive it.

3. Diet Habit

Reduce the consumption of caffeine few hours before bed time because we all do know it stimulates our nervous system. And also reduce intake of alcohol and cigarettes at late evening which it will disrupt sleep. Heavy meals at late evening will also affect the digestion system thus causing discomfort to sleep better at night. We do understand many of us will not able to stop caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes, but if you are reading this article, we do believe you are looking for healthy lifestyle aren’t you?

4. Distraction Control

Put aside all the distraction far away from our bed, or to place where unreachable. Distraction such as mobile devices, and television. The blue light emitted by LED screen of mobile devices is triggering the light exposure to our mind, which is affecting the circadian rhythm as we mentioned earlier. Circadian rhythm also react to light exposure as subconscious program to notify our brain whether it is day time or night time, yet we are still looking at these mobile devices at late night even in the dark, aren’t we telling our body it is still day time?

5. Physical Activities

Activities taken at the day time will affect our sleep pattern. Exercise regularly undoubtedly can improve our sleep and health but never do it before bed time. Daily exercise can consume some of our energy and lead us to tiredness and willingness to sleep. Reduce nap time at the day so that no energy charging during day time that will affect sleep habit at night. We used up a lot of mental energy at day time thus must discharge also and regulate suitable amount of physical energy.

6. Relax and Comfortability

Last but not least, comfort of our bed, bedroom environment is also the key for us to sleep better at well. Use comfortable pillow and bed, hygiene of bed sheet and blanket, comfortable room temperature and sound elimination so that we will not disturb by any noise. Relax our body and our mind when we lay down on the bed, enjoy the good niceperiod of time to prepare for challenges on next day.

Sleep better not only able to recharge our energy, it also reset our mind enable us to have a clear and sharp mind for next time, to solve any upcoming problems. So, sleep well rest good and have a nice dream. Live life to fullest!

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