Language is a very powerful tools of communication and also is the culture of civilization. The benefits of knowing more language can be in hard-skill like creating more job opportunities or in soft-skill to narrow communication gap with other culture.

Reasons of learning new language always have positive outcome thus no harm to learn new language although it is not as simple as we think. Here are the 7 tips learning new language proficiently.

1. Prepare a Diary or Notebook

Firstly, you must prepare a diary or notebook as your reading, writing and practicing media to learn new language. Some language uses their own fonts for example Japanese. Write down the language alphabet in notebook allow you to memorize and refer back easier.

Writing down the notes also increase your brain neural activity compare to typing or just study on screen. Study thru mobile devices will not able to leave great impact due to distraction. Thus always write down your notes with your own handwriting.

2. Love That Language

You must be loving the language you wish to learn. With the great power of love, it will drives your motivation to learn that language, this enhance your memorize skill even better because you enjoy doing it.

It can be started by loving the culture in advance, we believe that you must have the experience of in contact with the culture thus leading you wanting to know more. This is a great approach to other culture by learning their language first. For example loving the good manners culture of Japanese, brings you the motivation to learn or even visit their culture.

3. Start with Simple

You should start learning like a child, do not aim for the advance with first approach. Thinking back to our childhood, we spend years to learn our mother language isn’t it? Even some individual take college degree major in specific language.

Therefore, rushing to master the language will not help, instead it may lead us to conflict of vocabulary structure etc. Start by learning alphabet, numbers, normal greetings, simple introduction etc. 

4. Listen

Looking for some audio listening courses online or podcast. Listen to it daily when you free or even working if able to multitask. Let the language plant deep inside your subconscious sector, also learn the proper pronunciation of the language by mimic the voices.

You can also watch the movies which cast with that language, for example Japanese anime. A lot of teenagers able to understand a bit of Japanese all thanks to the contribution of anime. First they love anime, then they mimic and learn the pronunciation and meaning of the words. Just like tips “loving the language” theory.

5. Practice regularly

First you have your own hard-written notebook, then audio listening courses and the motivation to learn new language. Now is the step that practice all these regularly. Continue and keep the writing schedule daily during your free time. Listen to podcast when you in the middle of transit to work.

Repeat all this with the great power of loving that culture and language. Do not let your burning soul faded!

6. Visit That Country

Here comes the most interesting part! What is the purposes if you learn all the language so exhausting without using it? People will suggest to find a partner but we all do aware this is harder than it expect. But visit to that country is something you can do whenever you want.

Speak everything you learn at that country without hesitation. You might not be able to speak fluently but you already earn the respect of the native. They respect you as you willing to learn their culture. You might get cheap discounts because of this!

7. Hop Out From Your Fear

This is the main reason why some people not able to master the new language after years of learning. Fear is so annoying that distract the individual to speak in public. Fear of shyness, delivering wrong message and etc.

As baby, they never afraid to voice out even they do not know the meaning of the words. This is the reason why babies able to learn new language very fast, because they are fearless. Let go the feeling of fear, speak it out whenever you have the chance, to practice and learn from mistakes.

Learning new language will always pros more than cons, follow tips above to help to enhance yourself for new journey!

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