Ever wonder how many decision we make daily? Why is people say “successful is just one decision away”? Some sources said that normal adult person will make an average of 35,000 decisions, meaning that we are making 1 decision every 2-3 seconds. Is this figure surprised you?

From the moment we woke up, choosing to snooze our alarm clock, take a little more while sleep or just wake up and get into preparations, all these are decision making. Even the moment that which you are reading this article, it also will affect your next decision, to keep reading or close it.

Every decision we made indirectly affect our routine. Let say if we accidently forget to bring something at the morning, we will be stuck in following course of events. Next we will discuss, how we should use decision making to reach what we want in life.


The first element we should start looking at is our mindset, start our decision by making our mindset in a correct path. “Success is one decision away” where we shall start decide that what we want at the end of the result. The result sometimes might be ridiculous at the beginning, but as we decided that it can be done, that is a good decision.

Here we are emphasizing on to have a positive mindset, to make the decision that we want a positive mindset in advance for any other following decisions. Waking up daily in the morning by thinking that “today will be a great day” is a good start rather than snooze.

Do you have a target but unable to achieve by thinking that it cannot be achieve because plenty of reasons blocking the path? Meaning that you already develop a negative mindset where these negativity will keep pulling your leg. Neil Armstrong will not able to get to the moon if the engineering team behind always think that human is not able to get to the moon!


Many of our decisions are made unaware in daily life. Carry wallet in the morning, drive to work, making coffee at pantry, all these decisions are made in our pilot mode. Pilot mode is some activities that we did so frequent until it has become our unconscious subconscious.

Many little surprises we can explore if we put more awareness on decision making. Like taking a different routine when going to work, try new brand of the coffee, all can be a life changing event! We also can avoid many mistakes by putting more awareness during decision making.

If we come across to discover a new or interesting method to enhance ourselves, no harm to turn this new discover and make it become our subconscious.

Vision or Goal

We believe many individuals out there do not have a real vision or goal, they living day by day, paycheck by paycheck. Same daily routines, same weekend activities, and even same complaints to the same people. As we mentioned in first element, mindset; get our thinking in correct path first.

Decision making is the method to our final goals. If we do not have a goal or vision, why we need decision making? Thus, using this opportunity, we hope every reader here start your journey by knowing what you really want. Decide the final result you wish to have, then every small little daily decision will drive you to final goals.

If we do not have vision or goal for our life, our daily decision is outcome for people around us, this only benefit them but not us ourselves. Discover the “want” in our life, start by making first decision of positive mindset, increase our awareness when doing all the little decisions, let all these possible outcome be the pilot to our final goals! Live your life to fullest!

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