What is Alpha State of Mind?

Our brain function with brain waves to control all our daily activities such as thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Brain waves or also known as neural oscillations are repetitive patterns of neural activity inside our brain. There are few states of brain waves; Beta, Alpha, Tetha and Delta.

Beta state is brain wave cycle between 12Hz – 27Hz per second, it occurs when we are awake or in full consciousness. Theta state is brain wave cycle between 4Hz – 8Hz per second, it present when we are sleeping. Delta state is brain wave cycle between 1Hz – 4Hz per second, it is when we totally entered subconscious domain.

Alpha state is in a state where our brain wave cycle is between 7Hz – 13Hz, normally present when we are in a more relaxed, enjoyed moment or the moment before we sleep. For examples, when we are in meditation, enjoy reading a book or even day dreaming.

Scientist associates “alpha state of mind” with “right brain” activity where we generate imagination, creativity, memory and intuition.

Better Memory and Recall

When we are in the alpha state brain waves, we will enter in a condition of more relaxed awareness. Thus with the consciousness and subconsciousness of our mind works together, our capability to learn and solve problems will increase by exploit subconsciously of our previous experience.

Higher Creativity

As we become calmer and more focused in this alpha state, we greatly increase our creativity and innovation. Many great inventor or scientist obtain their ideas by using this method, such as Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein, proven that when we enter alpha state of mind, we leave our negativity emotion to Beta state then amplify right brain neural activity for creative.

Mentally and Physically Improvement

Completely relaxed in alpha state allowing us to eliminate negative emotions such as anxiety and stress. From here we can have better control of our mental. Relief of negative emotion is a great release of burden to our physical body, good example will be meditation or yoga.

How to Achieve Alpha State of Mind?

There are plenty of ways to enter alpha state suggested on the internet. The simple one will be counting relax ourselves and counting down from 100 to 1. We can also use the help of soft background music to help us relax our body and mind. We also like to emphasize here to put away all distraction if we want to enter alpha state, especially mobile devices. To enter alpha state require both relax and focus, silent the mobile devices and do not look at it like we doing frequently.

Alpha state of mind can help us in study, creativity, problems solving, critical thinking and etc. Practice this method to assist us in achieving our target and goal, live our life to fullest!

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