What is Vision Board?

Vision board also known as dream board, is a manifestation tool introduced by using Law of Attraction to achieve our goals. It is a collage of affirmations, pictures, words and sentences related to one’s dreams or desires. Also designed specifically by an individual to serve as a source of motivation and inspiration. 

Here, we are going to integrate vision board together with action board. Vision board is something we visualize, compile and trust the universe to let it happen. We should together implement action board to have the first step so that we able to open up more opportunities and clarity to where and what we desire for.

 How Does It Work?

1. Clarity of Desires

Vision board forces us to clarify what do we want in our life exactly. Taking an example of every individual on this planet want to have financial freedom, but they do not exactly know how much the amount to reach “financial freedom”, where expenses goes up exponentially with income. Thus this is a miserable act.

Vision board allow us to know exactly what we are looking for, how much money we want in our bank account, where and how big our dream house will be, what is our dream job and etc. Focusing the desires we are looking for by listing out clearly with details on limited space of vision board helps to narrow down our miserable direction.

2. Visualize and Imagine

Albert Einstein once said that “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”. Everything exist on earth today, everything we able to see and hold on hand now is imagination and visualization of someone. They never doubted about logic when visualizing it just like long ago no one expect human will able to step on the moon.

Visualization is a powerful brain activity which allow us to imagine even we do not acquire our desire yet, but with visualization we able to feel the emotion and know better which direction we shall develop in. Visualization is a mental action which lead us to unlimited possibilities and preparation for us to approach.

3. Consistency and Repetition

Once we have determined our desires, we should look at it and act upon the possibilities of it with discipline of consistency and repetition. For example if we wish to increase the amount in our bank account, we should visualize and imagine it, then explore variety ways to achieve our target such as freelance job, investment and etc. These do not happen in overnight, we shall keep working on it consistently.

While looking at the vision board consistently, it act as a reminder so that we shall work toward our desires. Many individual do not able to achieve their goals, main reason is they do not have the consistency and discipline to work on it until it really happens.

How to Make Vision Board?

Step 1

Most important step of all, find a peaceful place and think which aspect of our life to manifest and what the outcome will be. It can be financial, love, relationships, job, lifestyle and etc. Then list the desires down in a short statement.

Step 2

Visualize the outcome of our desires. Then choose the best platform to present your vision board, either in front of your mirror, wallpaper of mobile devices, board on refrigerator, in our diary book and etc. Somewhere that we able to reach easily and able to see without missing it.

Step 3

Gather materials. Collect images from any sources with our own intuition or imagined outcome, put it on the vision board and writing down the goal list statements.

Step 4

Look and refer to the vision board daily with visualization and imagination. Feel the feeling and emotions like we already did acquire all those goals, go out and face the days with positive energy, welcome any possibilities.

There is not fix method to construct our vision board, as long as it is comfortable to look at and able to lead us to our goals. Important secret is we must believe and have faith in ourselves, do not doubt how to achieve it, as we focus we want to achieve it, unlimited ideas and opportunities will show up automatically. We will widen our point of view when we start to believe the vision board is working well.

Let the vision board be our motivation and inspiration for us to live our life fullest!

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