We deserve a healthy life, we deserve to stay happy and laugh as much as possible. Feel stress? These simple ways can help us relieve stress.

1. Write Them Down

Stress is an emotion, emotion is “energy in motion”, by theory of physics, energy cannot be destroy nor create, however we can transfer the energy to something else. Write the negatives or problems that causes stress on a paper eagerly and throw them away!

2. Cuddle

Cuddle with partner or any intense physical touch releases some body chemical such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin, which makes us feel good. Oxytocin has been shown to decrease anxiety and depression.

3. Play with Pet

Flurry pet is so gentle and feels good to touch. Walk or outing with pets to pull our attention to something natural and nice. Having a pet help to reduce stress and improve our mood.

4. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is bringing attention to focus on the present moment. Allowing an individual to calm down the mind, feel and experience what we doing at the moment. We can practice mindfulness by meditation.

5. Sex

Yes! Believe that no need further explanation on this, sex helps to reduce stress when good chemical produced in our body.

6. Listen Music

Listen some soft and gentle music or high positive vibe songs help to reduce stress. Our attention on stress will slowly be carry away and follow the mood of the music which we listen to, thus although music is good for stress release but still try to avoid sad songs.

7. House Chores

As we mentioned earlier, energy can only be transfer so we also can reduce and transfer the stress emotion by doing house chores. Firstly we able to drive away our negative focus and secondly make the house as comfort and clean as possible.

8. Spend Time with Friends and Family

A very effective way to reduce stress of course is to spend more time with the close one. We share the happy moment to feel the joy together, also can discuss the negative to have some comfort or even solutions.

9. Play Games

Games are always fun and positive, also can distract our attention for that moment to feel the joy and craziness on the process. But be careful not to get addict on it.

10. Laugh Unreasonably

Ever seen some stranger in the transit and laugh out loud and spreading the influence of happy? We even laugh together along although seems stupid or crazy, this is the power of laugh!

11. Take a Walk

Go out take a walk, get some fresh air, look at the greens, feel the wind and the smells. Take a deep breath and look at all these natural stuff again with stronger sense of feeling, we will be more relieve as we understand all just natural.

12. Appreciate and Grateful

It’s all about our mindset, if we can focus on appreciate and grateful rather than stress, the feel of relieve just come at ease. Example, if we are stress financially, appreciate on what we having now and gratitude what soon will be coming.

We can never remove the negative feelings but we always can replace them with the positive one. Many will wonder “how possible we can feel positive when we are in negative”, then we prefer to answer in “how you gonna feel positive if you let negative bother you most of the time?”. Live life to fullest!

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