Relationship we discussing here is not only restricted to men and women, it also include friendship, parenting, partnership, colleagueship and any other relation related. Relationship is a connection between two or more party, a bond and activity level among these parties.

Like other soft skill, relation has to be maintain and improve our skill. Friends do not come to us naturally, colleagues will not get close at the beginning. In order to make our life interesting, complete our job task easier, we must build up relationship with people around us.

We can find our soul partner, best friends, close work up colleagues, good connection with kids and etc by improving the relationship using this 5 simple ways.

1. Take Approach First

Ever remember when is the last time we text message a least contact friends and the most contact friends? Priority we set has made up who is going to be around our circle and close with us. But what is the parameter we measure this? Maybe the least contact friends are even better and interesting.

It is the approaches we made that created this phenomena. If we look at the people that we connected most frequently, are they the people that we made the first approaches? No right, sometimes is they approach us first. What we emphasize here is if we want to improve the relationship with someone we care or we need, take the approach first. We cannot expect them to come for us first.

Say “Hi” or give them a call asking how they doing recently. To increase the awareness that we do exist around them and trying to be in better relationship with them.

2. Open Up

We love to be around with the people who honest and no sneaky peaky. We do not want people around us with bad intention thus we shall not have this thinking towards people as well. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, be honest and open up your heart to build up the relationship with them. 

Be willing to voice our own perspective and feelings toward them. Treat the people around us with honesty to have a long lasting relationship, until we are old.

3. Caring and Sharing

Warm up the people we care by giving them a call or text messages when they are in difficulties, care about their situation. Share what we have either in mentally or physically with them will improve our relationship with whoever we want. This is a pure love action which we can present to friends, family, colleagues and whoever we want to made up the relationship.

This also able to inspire and motivate them, gaining trust from them. Relationship do not come by just snapping our fingers. It is the consistency that we greet, keep in touch and care with the people around us.

4. Common Interest

We do not meet up and speak nothing when around the table. Common interest must be present to build up the relationship. Colleagues have common interest that to work towards the vision of a company, romance relationship has the common interest to build love and family.

Find the common interest among the party that we wish to build relationship for. Some might question that best friends do not have common interest but still getting along. There must be at least one common interest to build up the best friend relationship, otherwise he/she will just be our normal friend or even “hi bye” friend. Try figure it out.

5. Foods

Foods are a very effective way to improve relationship especially the good one. It is not only about the food, it is the environment, the communication, the intimation and etc that improve the relationship. First, we took the first approach for an appointment, then foods are common interest of everyone, and it is a good excuse.

If the foods are not good, we complain together then discuss and schedule for next better meal. Dessert, sea food, hawker stall, fancy western, and etc.

Human being is social animal, we cannot live alone and even we do can, he/she must not the elite of the group. We share information together, build up close relationships and protect each other.

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