Health has become a very expansive subject nowadays. Cure diseases require a huge amount of spending especially when high technology or equipment needed to be use, such as cancer. Maintaining the health is also a high expenses lifestyle if taking supplements, daily workout and etc.

Due to high cost and lack of time where most of us dedicated into career and social, overlook health problem in this era has become a normal phenomenon. Some of us even too naive that thought after purchasing a health insurance, we are very secured. No one can take care health on behalf of us, the body owner should.

Health we discussing here is not merely about physical body, also include about psychological health, lifestyle, emotion health and etc.

1. Health Is Wealth

This is a very popular phrase to describe the important of health. Undeniably everything in this world require wealth, even to maintain a healthy lifestyle also require a specific amount of spending. Going to gym, consuming healthy food, buy supplements and etc.

If we do not have the healthy body at the first place before wealth come forth, everything is just zero. Imagine that at the age of 20+ if we are surrounded by diseases, how we expand our career that will bring us wealth in late age. The better our health, the higher energy we have.

With a good and healthy body, we are able to do the things we love. Either in expanding career, taking care of people we love or even contribute to the society.

2. Money Cannot Buy Health

From the statement “health is wealth” above, but we never conclude that “wealth is health” doesn’t it? From the movie “Prometheus”, the rich company owner is so eager to gain back healthy and immortal life even no matter how much to spend or whatever to cost, but wealth never is health.

We heard a lot of stories from cancer patient that they used to be at high position in fortune company, but when cancer has diagnosed, then only realized no matter how much money they made, health is never can be buy. They even willing to quit that high paid position to recuperate and start to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We must maintain our health when we are still capable of. Do not rely on health insurance or drag the healthy lifestyle to be only after we have enough wealth.

3. Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Negative emotion can kill us very slowly by torturing our mind. We must have a healthy body to withstand the impact from all these negative emotion. Emotion such as stress, sadness, shock, anger and loneliness can be avoid, however unforeseen circumstances will still occur.

With a healthy lifestyle, we tend to have high happiness index because of brain chemical endorphins. We must regulate and control our hormone in a physical way or so called body health, to stimulate the great sense of our psychology or emotion.

Health is very important that we shall not overlook even we are very busy. Advice for all young people out there, company belong to bosses, health belong to us. If we do not take care our health at young, doctor will take care for us when we are old, by taking all we earned during young.

We live our life to fullest!

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