Entertainment in the 80s and 90s are very much different compare to modern. During that days, we emphasizes more on social. Our entertainment activities mostly social related like outgoing, arcade at public, music and dancing etc. With the growth of the convenience of social media nowadays, we do not have to step out of the room to stay connected. Tons of apps and software to connect every user even video games itself also do have social connection features.

The rise of video games starting by our most familiar FPS (first person shooting) game, a single or multiplayer LAN (Local Area Network) connected game. Then evolved to a high resolution and realistic RPG (Role Playing Game) style video gaming. The growth of internet makes game developer wanting to connect everyone around the world by creating MMO (massive multiplayer online) game. Typical one will be Ragnarok Online.

Players and friends nowadays no longer have a social outgoing but they all stay indoor and be connected “socially” in the internet. Most of the games have the features to communicate using words and even voice in the game for better response and react. Research showed that in 2018, global games market will hit the amount of $180 billion in revenues. At this stage meaning that video games are no longer just an entertainment but a market.

As the gaming industry commercialized everything, merely selling the games, in game items and ads will not enough to grow the business. Thus, massive competition of video games start rising at late 00s and typical example will be Dota (Defense of The Ancient). This enable the gaming industry to earn even more in game items, ads and even the sponsorship of certain brand or company.

We can see now video games are no longer just a simple relax time spending entertainment. It has created even more new career in virtual world. Career such as professional gamer, game streamer, game channel producer and etc. Even a new sport has risen and named as Esport. A sport that sitting on the chair and facing the screen, who would think of that? A tournament that having a chance to win away worth of $21 million prize pool!

With the great advance of technology, video games shifting from PC to mobile devices. A even huge market to penetrate. More and more tournament held for mobile video games to attract young players. Yet we shall not conclude that this is bad to social, we can see the opportunity as player can earn extra income by playing, streaming and even produce related video games channel.

Many earned fantastic and eyes opening amount of income by doing all these. A Swedish YouTuber “PewDiePie” is a very good example here. Estimated a net worth of $20 million today. If you go to Wikipedia and look for him, his introductory maybe is even longer than an introductory of a country. Thus, who does not want to have a life that playing video games, become wealthy and even famous?

Some government or institute nowadays even setup Esport university degree or official courses in education. Despite the growth of games industry and huge potential market, video games truly a life evolution for younger generation. Not including the even shocking development of Virtual Reality.

Next we shall discuss how to make extra income from playing Video Games!

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