Today we have a short article about meditation. We know all people here know what is meditation, but not many is practicing meditation. In fact many thought that meditation is a religious activity, which actually it is not. Meditation is a practice or skill to control, focus our mind in particular object or thought. It is a path to train our concentration, attention and awareness to a healthier mental state.

Why we should practice meditation? Of course is the benefits obtain doing this practice such as:

  1.  Reduce Stress
  2.  Sleep Better
  3.  Enhance Self-Awareness
  4.  Lower Heart Rate and Blood Pressure
  5.  Relaxation
  6.  Makes Us Happier
  7.  Increase Creativity
  8.  Sharpen Memory

and many more.

Too many of the benefits that we could not list all down here, however no harm to try it out and experience it ourselves. We practice mindfulness which is focusing on the present moment to sharpen our thinking. Very useful when we are frustrated or doubted with some problems, allow us to figure a solution by calm ourselves down.

Life Mastermind always emphasize that we create what we think, which meaning that the mind is very important for the process. How can we be joyful and success if our mind is always on the negative state, where the emotions of anxiety, fear, frustrate, blame, anger are taking away all our attention.

So, how to meditate? There are many sources on the internet teaching people how to meditate on the internet now. Or look for YouTube for a better explanation with visual assist. Here we also attach some link to web page that talk about meditation.

To improve our life quality, we all should start with our mind, practice and build a strong mind then we explore to more physical state such as money and material. Purpose of life is to enjoy this world with full potential and joyous, that is why the word “enjoy” is simply “energy of joy”. There is no word as “ensad” either to represent feelings. Live life to fullest!

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