Imagine the days before the internet was invented, information sharing across global are so limited, meaning to say that we do not able to know what and how our neighbor country do. We only able to get the information from newspaper back at that time.

Now, internet is so advance that we can know every story around the corner, thus we also able to realize that how other country did either well or bad in just an instance. Some countries are so rich that beyond our imagination, some countries are so poor that not to mention access to internet, they barely struggle for food.

Before we comparing the richest and poorest country, we have to understand first what is GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita or PPP (Purchasing Power Parity). GDP per capita PPP is a measure indicator of the change or trend in a nation’s living standards over time, normally based with US Dollar.

Top 5 Richest Country

(107,053 USD GDP per capita)

Luxembourg with population of about 600,000 definitely at the top of richest countries. Low inflation and high level of innovation, a pleasant country to live.

(74,571 USD GDP per capita)

Norway with population of about 5.4 million, judging to be the most well-functioning and stable country. With mixed economy and numerous natural resource of Oil giving Norway a good fortune.

(80,069 USD GDP per capita)

Switzerland with population of about 8.5 million, is a stable, prosperous and high-tech economy and enjoy great wealth. Home of several large multinational company contribute to the economy of motherland.

(70,220 USD GDP per capita)

Ireland with population of about 6.6 million, spending and investment drove GDP growth in Ireland with also the contribution of tourism and energy.

(73,529 USD GDP per capita)

Ireland with population of about 357,050, utilization of abundance hydroelectric and geothermal power ranked top greenest economy, still heavily dependent on fishing industry.

Top 5 Poorest Country

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
(439 USD GDP per capita)

DRC with population of about 81.34 million, even with abundance of natural resource, yet still at the position of poorest country. With the severe political unrest issues put the country in a bad state.

(439 USD GDP per capita)

Mozambique with population of about 29 million, it’s economy has been shaken by few corruption scandals. Tourism is one of the economy income and natural gas will contribute more soon.

(726 USD GDP per capita)

Uganda with population of about 41.5 million, generate income mainly from export such as coffee, tea, tobacco, oil and etc. The country has been experiencing consistent economic growth.

(777 USD GDP per capita)

Tajikistan with population of about 9 million, because of civil war after gained independence and lasted for 5 years until 1997, affect political and economical growth. Luckily the country is getting stable now.

(762 USD GDP per capita)

Yemen with population of about 28.25 million, while in the midst of massive civil war and caused a catastrophic humanitarian crisis, explained why the country placed at top poorest.

After knowing the GDP per capita of both top-5 richest and poorest countries, we have to know that average GDP per capita of all countries in 2017 was US$17,300. Comparing the richest to the average, it’s clearly showed that they are way above the average, so do the poorest.

Top richest undoubtedly is a strong, intelligent, competent, resourceful country with elite management and citizen, if we are among them, we shall always feel grateful to be at the lead. If we are those around the average, still be grateful and appreciate because there are still plenty living conditions are worst than average.

We also have the understand that GDP per capita also influence by the population of the country. Simply meaning that these top-5 richest countries are having low population rate compare to the poorest. Taking the example of DRC, 81.34 millions of people in the country while Luxembourg only have around 600,000. Resources, job, opportunities and etc are hardly enought to distribute among as the population rate is way too high.

The reason we posting this article is to remind all of us, if we are standing at the leading top, please be appreciate and grateful, help the below if possible. If we are at the average, keep going to make to the top. If we are at the position of poorest, never give up, we create our own reality. No one love to be at the bottom of the food chain. Never get defeated by the environment, live life to fullest!

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