There are serious problems arise around the globe that we do not realize even with the advance technology of the internet. If you are reading this article, meaning that you are consider as living a “OK” or better life currently. We do not see by our own eye do not mean it is not there.

The problems are like the dark side of the moon, deep sea of the ocean. Even with the advance technology of the internet now, these problems are still lack of attention maybe because some community not willing to reveal it or that particular situation or environment are hard for us to access.

Therefore we are now at here to discuss these problems to rise awareness of everyone, help and pray if possible.

1. Education

Job interviewer will definitely ask “which college you graduated from”, neighbour aunt or relative sure will ask “which college are you planning to go”. How blessed we are if we able to receive all the education we need to step into the society or be a civilize person.

However we do not realize how many out there has no opportunity to receive education even kindergarten. There are roughly 800 million people who are uneducated followed by 264 million children who do not go to school, according to UNESCO. Made up of around 10% or the population of human being is uneducated.

A surprising fact that we do not realize during this modern civilization. We always thought that education is the most minimum require for every human being, not to say to get better job, but at least to be a civilized person. Can we imagine how sad if one of them is us. Even some countries are using child labor and strip away the schooling opportunity of the child.

2. Water

Some modern country has clean water supply that open tap water already can be drinking water. Meanwhile, Around 2 billion people around the globe do not have access to clean water. While we spending 30 minutes of bath time in the bath tub with soap boom and playing water duckling toy, there are people who do not get a sip of water for thirst.

Have you ever wonder why even the earth has 70% surface is covered by water, there is still people do not have access to clean water. Clean water process is very costly and high technology, some places that do not have the facilities or harsh environment that prevent the community to work on it.

Look at this video, Pakistan’s City with No Water

3. Health

Health problem here is not about new disease or virus that killing people. It is the problem that some places that do not even have the capability to cure small diseases. Modern country people spend thousands just to cure normal disease. We are so blessed that we not in the environment that can’t even bare to sick.

Around 400 million people do not have the access to the essential health services. And some other individual around the globe that struggling on health spending. We just can’t get sick if we are poor aren’t we? Is health becoming a luxury spending at this age?

4. Poverty

Inequality of this world made up what we are today, country with huge amount of resources become richer and richer, country with no natural resources struggling to survive. Some community that takes control of the resources of other community. Low income of an individual at certain location. All these are the factors of poverty.

The distinct gap of rich and poor where some people enjoy meal with thousand on bill meanwhile some eating recycled meal. Look at this short video, Would You Eat Recycled Landfill Meat by BBC news. Next time when we are throwing some leftovers, try think that some people out there do not have food to eat.

Not only to feed the stomach has become difficulty for this group of people, even shelter is also been a problem for them. Lack of opportunity and bad financial system of particular country, making people to suffer where they cannot control. We are so blessed with the rich resources around us.

These four problems of human mankind but hard to solve due to many factors. Policy that do not on their side, insufficient resources, capability of government and etc. Thus, we should aware that many people out there is suffering, next time when we wasting, think how blessed we are compare to them who in need so much.

Help to resolve these problems little by little, by paying attention to related NGO, government and society. One chopstick is easy to break but they are unbreakable when we put all them together. The strength of united is unlimited.

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