Soft Skills at work is more likely act as survivor skill at workplace, it helps every employee to finish their task with better feelings instead of “just to get things done”. Otherwise we all will be just like robots. Soft skills are more human oriented where we deal with things that feel right rather than think logic. Yet, just like hard skills, it still need to be practice and sharpen, to deal with many different kind of situations where sometimes is even more challenging than technical problems.

Here we will discuss the 4 most essential in workplace.

Communication Skill

Undoubtedly communication is the most important soft skill of all, either in verbally or written form to clearly deliver our messages to any other parties without difficulty playing an essential role to carry out all job task effectively.

Communication also is a form where we able to show our self confidence and early preparation. It is also a tool to the extension of teamwork, how possible a team can perform without any communication? Communicate with clients to understand their requirements and needs, also allowing us to strengthen the bond with clients.

How to: Despite the common of communication skill, seldom company will provide this kind of training for their employees. To practice our communication skill, first we must let go shyness and fear. Shy to speak in front of crowd of fear to speak and lead to misunderstanding. Shake off shy and fear, then early preparation by rehearsing content in our mind is a good practice.

Leadership Skill

Leadership does not mean that we have to be in higher position with subordinates, leadership is a skill that everyone can practice and have the capability to create follower. A normal staff can also be a leader by delivering good example such as disciplinary.

Leadership starts with ourselves, if we ourselves do not have the elements to be a good leader, how can we lead the team. By practicing leadership for ourselves, we also become more discipline, higher compassion and better at making decision.

How to: Never think that leader is only for higher position officers. To practice leadership skill, start by talk less and listen more. Increase critical thinking ability that enable us to filter everything. Observe everything in objective position to have a higher clarity of vision.

Management Skill

Time management and project management skill is also very important soft skills in workplace. Good time management allow an individual to complete all task in a good order, not to influence by messiness and giving excuse of “not enough time”, we all have equal 24 hours per day, it all depends on how we manage them.

Project management is a soft skill that content all communication, leadership, time management and etc. And this a the reason why project management is very welcome by all company because this showed the capability of an individual can work independently and yet team play with colleagues to complete the project.

How to: Management skill easily can be practice by repetition and gain from experience. This might be not fair for fresh employees, however management skill is the simplest soft skill because we able to practice everyday by repetition, just like communication skill.

Work Ethic

What is work ethic? Work ethic is simply the discipline at performing our work. Is like when we studying in high school, we act as a good student as student ethic, same goes here at work ethic. Bare the responsibilities as an employee, come to work on time, complete given task on time and etc.

Employer pays to time and skill of an employee, employer do not pay for irresponsible and lazy employee, to be a good employee, act as one during working time, not to slack throughout days getting paycheck and let it be.

How to: Self discipline plays an important role at here. Start by practice our self discipline, manage everything in a proper order to ensure task can be complete nicely. We can practice by using journal book, time schedule and sticky note to remind us all the time.

Work is also a lifestyle, work consume most of our time therefore we must develop a healthy and happy working style, live life to fullest!

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