We all love high paying job, honestly speaking is we work for money. High paying job has already become a sign of status, financial freedom route and topic for the people around us. However everything come with conditions, to have a high paying job, we must meet the skill requirement. It is impossible we can master everything.

According to Linkedln, industry that earn the most in general. Discuss below rundown of the top-6 highest paying industry with median annual wages and bonuses, together with the skills we required to have in order to join the particular industry.

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1. Software & IT Services ($104,700)

With the fast pace of the rise of technology, software and IT services have become a high demand industry. To write the programs for the machine to run and assist our human daily activities. For sure the hard skill require for this industry will be programming and customer service. Soft skill will be innovative and communication skill as to discuss with and meet client’s expected outcome.

2. Hardware & Networking ($101,100)

Hardware & networking is the physical side of software & IT services. It is like a human mind and a human body. Hardware & networking basically is assembly a physical machine, connect to multiple parts and work with online system to run and assist human daily activities. Hard skill for this industry is computer and technology related knowledge, while soft skill require problem solving, creativity and adaptability.

3. Manufacturing ($85,600)

Manufacturing is a very basic industry in today’s world. It produces everything we uses nowadays from general products even to foods. Also this industry is the field that require most work labor in order to run the system. Hard skill will be vary from all departments as many departments handling different load. We shall discuss the core soft skill for us to be outstanding in this industry. Problem solving and creativity play some role here but time management is and work ethic is very important as it involves huge amount of investment.

4. Healthcare ($84,600)

As human population increase, healthcare industry also expand exponentially. Without needing any further explanation, hard skill definitely require biological related, Doctoral knowledge and human mind. This shall be obtain only from special and higher education. Soft skill require will be communication skill, critical thinking, willingness to learn and work ethic.

5. Finance ($82,800)

Finance, an industry that taking care most of the market’s money, acting as a middle person and earn from the transaction of anything, literally anything. Hard skill for this industry will be anything mathematical related such as accounting and financing. Soft skill is definitely communication skill and networking.

6. Consumer Goods ($80,000)

Some industry earn very well and we do not aware, such as consumer goods. Items might seem very cheap but it is a consuming product, thus high quantity transaction and never end supply as human needs. Not much hard skill is require here but soft skill play important part. It require communication skill to sell, creativity and adaptability for new products, persuasive to let market to accept.

Many more industry ranging at top paying offer for employee, however what we want to emphasize here is no matter which industry we are in, we always can find abundance from the world. Do not rely and limited on what these database given, trust in ourselves, belief that we can do better than collected database. One we might not realize among all these industry, there is one crucial hard skill can fit into all, which is selling skill.

We must know how to sell, no matter is the product, services or anything. Important is we must know how to sell ourselves, to obtain what we desire from particular place or market. Any skills can be practice and develop, never feel down if we do not have it, we just do not acquire it YET. There are always unlimited opportunities for us. 

Live life to fullest!

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