Office, a place most people spend mostly or entire of their time in to carry out any task, definitely has to be a comfortable place to sit with. Just like our house, everyone demand a cozy one to spend time with, if any employer is thinking that too cozy office will reduce efficiency, then he/she is very wrong.

Taking the example of Google and Facebook, they are providing the best and very comfortable working environment for their employees. An office that looks like playground more than a traditional style, definitely a favorite of everyone. We are introducing some Feng Shui technique here to increase the energy around the office.

Space and Clutter

Less of untidy clutter and open space definitely enhance a mood of an individual. Entering the office with tidy and clear line of sight, reduce the stress level of employees. Imagine when dozens of employees started to enter and work in the office, nothing much space left around the area, how pleasant and flexible the movement of energy around the office. People will start to feel annoy after long period of time.

Apply this method to your work desk, clear up more space and remove all unwanted clutter, definitely make up your mood and increase your productivity.

Introduce Greens to Office

Bring in alive green plants to every corner of the office. Plants emit positive energy all the time and some of them even purify radiation and air. Green plants also help create a pretty looking environment, pleasing the employees and even walk in client. Of course green plants have to be taken well care to have these kind of results. Place few cactus on our desk to regulate negative electromagnetic field, good for our health.

Angled or Pointing Arrow Elements

Reduce angled furniture or any pointing arrow elements that directly point towards an individual. In Feng Shui this is an attacking energy that will weaken or deplete one’s energy. Do not sit facing these elements or not to place one around the employees working area.


Enhance the emotions and experience by introducing more color and artwork to seduce someone’s vision. Providing them an interesting and attractive to increase the inspiring mood to work. Google’s office has colorful features around the area as same as it’s logo. Color and interesting artwork makes people feel happy and also reduces anxiety and stress level.

Also do adjust the lighting intensity to a comfort level. High temperature lighting will make people fatigue after long period of time, too low will put employees at sleep. Always choose the suitable level at different activity area.

Air Circulation

Air circulation is very important at office area. Now most of the offices are served by air conditioning, which if the air circulation is not treat well, the air is not purify and it is the same quality of air keep circulate in the office area. Thus, introducing fresh air into the office area is very important. Exposing to too much of low quality air will put the individuals in a sleepy state. Open up the window to allow fresh air enter the room.

These few simple yet crucial criteria to a workplace to increase the energy flow around the area, to enhance the productivity and creativity of employees. Do not underestimate these tiny practices, we spend so much time at workplace thus a good environment is very important since work is also a lifestyle. Live life to fullest.

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