Starting from the stone age of human races, no verbal language is invented, all depends on the body language, thus the body language act already printed in our DNA. That is the reason why we do understand what the individual trying to express from body language without saying a word.

Our daily communication do not only rely on the words we say, in fact only 7% of communication is from the words, 38% is from the voice or tone of our speaking and remaining of 55% is from the body language. Today we will discuss few body language sign to help us understand what and how the person at our workplace react to us.

The Eyes

Eyes are also referred as the “window of the soul”, by observing the eyes able to reveal the desire, truth and thinking of the individual. Eyes also act as a very powerful signal tool to let us know what is the next step.

  • Avoid eye contact – If the person is avoiding eye contact with us when we speak, meaning that he or she has lost interest with the content of the communication. If the individual has avoid eye contact while he or she speak, most probably meaning that he or she is lying, low confidence or has no intention for further communication.
  • Eye gaze and pupil – If the person in front of us is looking directly into your eyes while having conversation, meaning that they are paying attention to you, if we able to observe the pupil of them, highly dilated pupil indicates desire. Of course too long period of starring will bring discomfort to people.

Facial Expression

We write every emotions on our face, it’s hard to control not to express it on our face but the genuine act still will bring up on the face.

  • Genuine smile – A genuine smile will wrinkle the skin around the eyes, the lips will slightly turned up and even the tone of smile will sometimes express the true happy feeling of the person.
  • Covering the mouth – If the person communicating with you and covering their mouth, meaning that they might want to cover their feelings and hide emotion reaction.
  • Lips – A pursed lips represent disagreement, suppressed anger or sometimes indecision. Biting lips meaning that they are worried, stress or anxious.

Arms and Legs

Try to observe the arms and legs of the person we communicating with, to extract more of their emotion and feeling information, allow us to either proceed with openness or alert.

  • Handshake – A strong and painful handshake from opposite meaning that this person is dominant. Weak and fast retract handshake meaning that he or she is a shy or low confidence individual. A firm and comfortable handshake express the confidence and less aggressive.
  • Crossed arms and legs – During the conversation, if the person in front of us suddenly crossed their arms meaning that they are defensive or closed off, likely not to agree on your point of presentation. Crossed legs also indicate the same emotion which is closed off or need more privacy.
  • Body and leg turned away from you – This gesture meaning that the person in front of you no longer has patience to continue the communication. If the leg is pointing towards the exit door, meaning that they are hoping to leave immediately.
  • Hand on the chin – If your audience is putting his or her hand on the chin and slight pointing head, it is likely that the person is agree on your point. They also might thinking and considering the content of you presenting. You are doing excellent at this moment!
  • Opened posture – The audience is keeping the trunk of body open and exposed indicates openness, friendliness and willingness.

These few techniques are very useful to observe the emotion of our audience, to aware and allow us to act accordingly to reach the best comfort level for both side. Not only restraint on clients, we also can use it on our leaders, subordinates and co-worker. Life Mastermind will introduce another few body language for ourselves to deliver best impression in future article.

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