Depression is very common nowadays in this stressful world and it is a serious medical illness that negatively affect how you feel, the way you think and how you act. Simply to know if we are haunted by depression, we will think negatively in every aspect, feel everything is against own will and act differently.

We do suggest to visit medical consultation when too serious that may lead to suicide, here we introducing few methods to relieve and manage slight depression.

1. Control Mindset

Learn how to control our own mindset by neglecting negative thoughts. Depression does not come from positive feelings and emotions, it must be accumulative by pieces of negativity. Our advice is practice to fight against all these negative thoughts, if we are only focusing on the negative, we are missing the positive ones.

This is very important method because all come from our own thoughts. Falling from stairs causing physical pain will not lead to depression. It is the stress, anxiety and fear that appeared long period of time thus eliminate all these one by one with a strong will and faith.

2. Enjoy Every Moment

This method is inter-related with controlling our mind. As we able to control our mind and slowly eliminate the negative thoughts, an action shall come in to replace the moment, to allow us to really feel and forget about the negativity, that is enjoy the moment.

Every time we shall be appreciate and gratitude, which we are still healthy and alive. Many out there might not have what we having right now, even some are struggling with deadly diseases. Enjoy the very right moment, be happy and feel it, repeat it with appreciation.

3. Exercise Regularly

Exercise is always the best way to maintain our health no matter in physical or mental. For physical, it strengthen our cells and immune system, for mental, exercise recirculate the oxygen in the brain and make us feel refreshing. Exercise also boost the releases various of chemicals such as endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and etc, it makes people feels good.

4. More Physical Activities

An old school method is increase the duration of physical activities to reduce the time where we wander to negative thoughts. Make ourselves busy with physical activities such as writing, doing house chores, cooking, working and etc where we do not have any extra time to think negative things. Of course as we mentioned, depression might affect us act differently or in negative ways, at this moment we must assimilate the method “Control Mindset”.

5. Sleep Well

Lack of sleep or rest make our physical body low in energy and it also kill the brain cells. Think of it thoroughly, not enough sleep means not enough physical energy, not enough physical energy then more mistakes being made, more mistakes lead to anxiety and fear, going back to bed with anxiety and fear lead to insomnia, insomnia long period of time causes depression. IT IS ALL RELATED! This showed the importance of sleep well to a better body regulate system. Here we have 6 tips to sleep better at night article.

6. Eat Well

Control the diet of ourselves is a good practice no matter for what reason. It always is not a reason to stay healthy, it is a necessary. Consume foods such as berries, nuts, leafy vegetables and etc to supplement the nutrition lacked to control depression. Fruits are good in control anxiety as well.

7. Supportive Relationship

This method is very effective if we do have supportive relationship. When depression has haunted us, do not fear to inform people around us especially the closest one. Family and friends play an important role for depression recovery. The feeling of trust and love cure the negative emotions.

Supportive friends and family sure will assist in any possible ways to help us come through this tough stage. What important is the patient himself is opened heart and mind to receive their help. Many patient fear to inform people around them, thus they turn into bottles or any isolation, therefore suicides occur.

Last but not least, use all these methods to control the depression, never afraid to tell people around us or seek for help. Human being are social animals, we are better when we are in unity. Trust and love eliminates any other negative emotions. We are here to enjoy not to suffer and haunted by negativity. Live life to fullest.

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