Good job good life is what the society telling us, however do we really getting what we want? We might working in a fortune 500 companies, the office that is just 2 streets across, a very good pay job, is it meaning that the job is most suitable for us?

The era has changed, work our ass off only applies to the boomers generation. As the better environment and resources given to later generation, many want a work life balance or even a thriving vision in workplace. It is no longer the figure on the pay check or how great the company that matter.

We all want a life of purposes, same goes to the work life with purposes. Feeling slack or demotivated after some period of time in our current job is killing our soul. Here are 5 signals that current job is not suitable for us.

Experience of Joy

We wake up early in the morning and go to our workstation, staying there for at least 8 hours per day, spending time with machines, files, papers, tasks. Who doesn’t want to feel happy and joyful in these 8 hours and go back home feel fulfilled and inspired to prepare for the next day.

If we no longer have the experience of joy in our workplace, it is an awareness signal reminding us we are in trouble. Feel lazy and late to office, leave the office sharp after times up, less social with colleagues and even feel irritate facing with top management. If we love the job, this circumstances will not occur because love spread across job task, colleagues and everywhere. We will feel joyful if we love that job real much.

Physical and Psychology Pain

Stress no matter how, will exist in a workplace, but suitable amount of stress can greatly enhance productivity. If excess of stress has created, anxiety will take over. Physical pain will start to tangle us such as headache or sickness. 

Emotion will getting harder to control such as getting anger easily, feel anxiety when task cannot finish.With all these physical and psychology pain around us, how can we perform in our workplace. Low productive and more mistakes will be make, top management starting to question us, it is a butterfly effect! Health is wealth, take care of our health first so that we have the strong physical and mental body to harvest more.

Things Get Stuck in Our Head

Negative things start to get stuck in our head. It can be a left over task, relationship with colleagues or complaints from client. This indicated that we have lost our personal life even after work hour. With all these negative things stuck in our head, how joyful and happy we can be.

Our life is our control, if the job task of our company has slowly taken our life away either physically or mentally, we have to start consider whether the job if is suitable for us.

Inner Voice or Intuition

Early in the morning do not feel like waking up to go to work, sigh and thinking “i feel like want to quit”. Leave the office and feel sigh, thinking that “why company is so bad”. The inner voice of ourselves trying to talk to our mind that this job might not suitable for us.

We want a job that our inner voice is like “I must go early to start my great day”, “I love this company and the job task”, “feel so fulfilled!”. This is where we will find our purposes of work life and feel inspired everyday.

What People Around Us Trying to Tell

People around us might give us a hint that we are not suitable in current job. Parent may start worry and questions their children when they came home too late. Husband or wife will start complaint why easily off temper when get along with family members. Friends may give bunch of ideas and opinions when having beer.

Behaviour of a person will changed by the environment of workplace, the first people will notice is those who surround us frequently. If it is a good changes, we all can celebrate and share the joy; if it is a bad changes, it will influence the mood people around us as well. Try listen more to the people we get along always.

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